Memorial Day Weekend menu

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
Just read the flyer for meat sales...St.Louis style 3.99 per pound, beef back ribs, $1.49 per pound...I can see probably 4 racks pork 2 racks beef!! Sqeeze a fatty or in there, they're buy one get one!

What's everyone else smoking?
Well let's see...........6 slabs of BB's, 7# brisket, lookin for a pork shoulder tomorrow and oh ya, gotta do a couple fatties
doin' ribs and some grillin on Sat. Startin a brisket real early on Sun. with some more grillin. Mon. somebody else is cookin.
Sounds good Shellbellc! I'm not sure about this weekend. I'm going to a friends for the weekend and he doesn't have a smoker!!!! I may have them convinced to get one...if so I'll teach them what I know and smoke what ever they want, I like it all!! I also will introduce them to the SMF. ; )
Guess I'll do a 14 lb brisket. 10lb whole picnic. and a 7lb butt. Have never tried pull pork but that will change this weekend. Gonna try the lone steer brisket sauce and the pork finishing sauce. Will have to smoke a couple heads of cabbage to go along with it. Leaving all the sides to the rest of the gang.
Ok, 2 racks of spare ribs, 2 chuck roasts, @3.5 each one. First time for the chuck, going to slice it. I guess internal temp should be 180? and you can't forget the ABT's. I may even try a Fatty. I just added the Buckboard cure to one of my butts, now I have to wait my 10 days. Have to go get the camera off my brother again. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm I love BBQ!!!
Got a turkey in the freezer and some yard bird, may pick up some spare ribs, a fatty and some ABT
I was tossing around the idea of a brisket, but I think I'm leaning more toward ribs, Dutch's Beans and some ABT ...
Well, since my wife left me to attend the new grandson born yesterday, 8 Lbs 15 oz.,
That leaves me to smoke up a pork tenderloin and 10 lbs of Chicken leg quarters. Hopefully between me and the dog, there might be some left overs for her.
Congrats on the newest addition Flash! For Saturday's smoke I'm planning to do my first brisket, so be prepared for 20 questions, along with 2 racks of baby backs, a few chicken breasts, assorted suasages, some ABTs, and finishing with a dutch oven peach cobbler.
15lb brisket,4 chix 1/4s, a meatloaf,a fatty,dogs, brats, pot of beans & grilled corn & greenbeans and papa salad w/ maybe buffa turds... she better not go into labor on a nascar sunday w/ a 16 hr. cook happening ... but i'll gladly jerk/burn $200 of food to meet my newest daughter.. .btw she saw the pics... y'all are most welcome to come cook for my funeral.. the winner gets my new pit lol.
Getting my GOSM tomorrow(Friday) - putting it together and seasoning it.

2 Chickens and 2 Fatties on Saturday to break her in.

5lb Beef Roast & 3.5lb Pork Roast on Sunday for relaxed eats on Monday.

I have been obsessing over this coming weekend for the last 2 months and looking forward to a great start to a wondeful summer of great Q!
is it just me or is the best day w/ a new pit cooking on it or drinking a few & seasoning it ( maybe it's me but w/ the birdfeeders & the sunset behind the pit)it's almost a zen thing...... it's almost religious "blueing in"- "seasoning" or "curing" a pit easy a caveman would do it....
Some baby backs, a chuckie for enchiladas, an eye of the round for sammie meat, a BCC. Don't know what else.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Going to give the new smoker it's maiden voyage! Got about 20# of rack ribs these are the wifes speciality! I just stand back and watch on those! The I'm going to throw in a couple of sirloin tip roasts for the next day. Never did pulled beef. I'm at work and my 'Q sauce is simmering on the stove right now!
Just a smellin the whole house up! Got my wife keeping an eye on it and told her if it starts getting to thick open up 2 cans of Strohs dump on in and drink the other! LOL!!!

After this is all done and the heat is almost gone I've got a big chuck of baby swiss that's gonna get a good lick of smoke! I have to cut the wheel into slabs now since I put a coating of garlic powder onion powder and season salt on first. Everybody kept shaving that off before I'd get any!! LMAO!!!

Happy Holiday to all and may those defending our freedom come home soon!
I had planned on smoking some babybacks on monday,but my boss told me we are working monday
.I allready have a lot to grill for sunday so no smoking for me.
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