mem day domino pics

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my missus is a phlebotomist, while she is completing the nursing program.... i know all about volunteering for crap.... been poked with lots of
Hey Gypse, what will they be serving at your funeral???
Quit smoking meat and went to order flowers for the funeral. Changed my mind - no flowers.....will send smoked Canadian Bacon.
my wife is terrified of needles. she hates getting shots. when hunter was born (emergency c-section), she decided to get the epidural. she said it wasn't that bad. yesterday, she had to get cortizone injections in her right wrist. she has tendonitis really bad.
As near as I can tell, yer dead meat.
I'll be happy to help out catering your funeral...
Gypse I think you've been to close to the smoke, "DEAD MAN WALKING"
The courts will never belive that some one that cute chopped up her husband and serve him up as BBQ... LOL Good luck Bro, Is this your first child?
this is my 3rd (g-16 b-11 & her 3rd g16 & g11- so it's our 5th. but thanx everyone for volunteering to cook for my funeral- now i will (got leftovers)leave warming instructions for kingcrab stuffed smoked mushrooms.water my strawberry/jalapeno cross plants(yes spicy strawberries)and enjoy my porch lmao....cause i am a dead man shufflin'.
p.s. everytime i cook the baby hiccups & does the butt out thing.... so hilarious to see a belly jump from hiccups - this kid loves my food.. already planning her first " grab food" - smoked turkey leg & grilld shrimp/scallop kabobs. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.