Mega Grill

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May 5, 2007
I know this is a smoking forum, but some of y'all like grillin' too. Thought I'd share this...

While cruising through the Kitchen & Company's BBQ section last evening, I stumbled upon the biggest Weber grill I'd ever seen; the Ranch Kettle. This thing is HUGE and a bit pricey at $999.99! Pretty impressive though.

Check it out:
A friend of mine has this and it's too cool...... talk about grilling for a crowd
Everyone allways stands around it talking about how much food you can grill at one time
....too funny

I rented one of those from my local Ace Hardware last year to do some burgers for a big get together and it was sweet.

It would definitely be a nice add on to one's collection
Especially since Father's Day is coming and I just got a profit sharing check...

Nahhh, I gotta save for the Lang Mobile 60!
Seems like you can get a steel drum, cut it in 1/2 length wise, get a couple of grates.....thar ya go.......instant $1000 grill!
It would work just fine I bet, but the lid does'nt look tall enough for chickens or turkeys. Still though.....alot of denero for a charcoal grill! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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