Meco 5031 h2o charcoal conversion to propane...with q-vue.

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  1. Most days I really enjoy smoking meat with my charcoal smoker,but some days I need to get some things done around the ol homestead, and can't babysit the fire. Now I will have an option of using propane. Photos below.

    Meco 5031..great little charcoal smoker.

    Found this old turkey fryer burner at a garage sale for $5. was covered with grease.

    Cut the legs off. Slotted the top of frame so the wood box slides right in.

    Burner, regulator and hose lifts out. Nothing to dis-assemble.

    New hose and regulator.

    Blue Flame.

    Holding Temp.

    Finished product.

    Less than $30 in parts. Free labor. Two way smoker.
  2. Not sure why the last couple pic's don't post, but will put here.

    New regulator.

    Blue Flame at an idle.[/IMG]

    Holding temp. nicely.

    Finished product.
  3. fishawn

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    Nice job, great idea!
  4. waysideranch

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    I like the engineering. Good job. Give yourself a beer.
  5. Thanks Waysideranch...I will...I did...a couple of

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