Meatloaf Cooking Suggestions

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Original poster
Dec 4, 2006
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Hey All,

Well since I smoked some ribs 321 method of course and some fatties yesterday with great success. I decided to do a meatloaf today. I am looking for suggestions or opinions on how everyone likes to cook there meatloaf in there smoker as far as what you put underneath it. I have seen pics of them in foil pans, pans with holes in them so the grease can drip out. What do you like to do?
I have pieces of plywood cut for the size that I like my loafs. I cover them with aluminum foil, put the meat loaf on them and put them on the racks. Being a flat surface it allows all the grease to run off, allows plenty of smoke exposure, and aids in cleanup as you can just throw the aluminum foil away and save the boards for next time. Works for me.
I got a couple of punched porcilin(SP) trays, I think they were marketed as seafood trays or something. I spray them down with Pam or whatever cheap spray that I have on hand and go to town. They are great for like doing skewerless shishkabobs or other chopped up veggies and stuff.
lowes has bbq woks for under 5 bucks, i just picked a couple up and a thigh rack. as far as prep the sky is limited only by your imagination as to what you add to your loaf.. if you really want to try something different after you get it to temp cover the top with a good layer of flavored up mashed potatoes and smoke a little more you won't be dissapointed.[sometimes i cheat and use country crock mashed taters]
I got to admit to flipping and or rolling after awhile, I just can't help myself and it kind of toughens up the whole things "Skin". And if it breaks or cracks? Well I guess that there is just a lttle more surface area for the smoke to stick to. Oh, darn, huh?
I'm a roller too! I make my meatloafs like fat logs so I can roll em! I put the on tin foil and roll it from side to side.
Two things...I did a meatloaf straight on the pan and it was good, but next time i might try some parchment underneath. Question tho, i may try thr 321 method tomorrow, although it seems against the smoking 'principles', many comments make me think its worth trying. Any thoughts or advice?
I use a foil covered pizza pan to carry them to the smoker and slide the meatloaf off - once it starts to brown and firm up I slide it off the foil. I love meatloaf sammies so I make mine into logs a little bigger than my bread slices and just roll it back and forth. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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