Meat Slicers

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No I don't have experience with that one but I did get a Chef's Choice one for Xmas. It is nice but not professional. Works for what I need it to do.
i have not tried the meat slicers but i have the weston stuffer it is a great product the prices at weston are great and i dont think you can go wrong with there products
I don't have the Weston but I did get a slicer for Christmas. I believe it came from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's a fairly common home slicer. I think its about 130 watts or so. It does what I want it to do but is by no means a professional model. I think it cost about $100. But here's some input that may be useful to you. The blade comes off of mine for cleaning. Then, with the blade off, exposed is the gears from the motor to the blade. They're all plastic. That may be OK but I'm not too happy with it. If you want a slicer that will last ... especially if it is to do some pretty tough slicing, you may want to invest a few more bucks and be sure to get metal gears.
the toastmaster one I've had for years now has plasitic gears, that has not been an long as it's not running every day and all day long there won't be an issue (well unless you try to over exert the machine....) I'd love a professional one, but for now it's not cost effective.....
Cheech -

We got the 200 Watt #8 Grinder from LEM Products. Mine just came in today!

My old one (30 years old) died 3 weeks ago - that's why I haven't made any sausages lately! It really wasn't a great one anyway but it more than paid for itself.

This one came highly recommend by our buddy Smoked!
Well Smoked does alot of pastrami and loves his so on his recomendation I bought it - cuz I do alot of pastrami as well.

I'm wondering how it will do with liverwurst - that's my next lunchmeat!
The thing I can say about buying equipment is DON'T go cheap if you can avoid it.Ive burnt plastic gears out of two cheap slicers.On grinders the bigger you can go with the largest motor you can afford will be well worth it even if you have to wait some time to get them.I built up my equipment one purchase at a time over several years,in the meantime I just made do.Now I have equipment that will last me a lifetime.
well so far I'm pretty pleased with the slicer....just wish it had a bigger tray is all.........

in fact just got done slicing up the two buckboard bacon's.........
sliced up two big briskets yesterday nice and thin and it worked great! Did get a bit slippery though.

Love that slicer Smoked! Thanks for the tip!

I love my slicer. Between the 9 lbs of jerky I made and the canadian bacon it save me SOOO much time. Clean up isn't that difficult. I do wish the tray was a little bigger though.
Debbie, was wondering if you were still planning on trying to make the liverwurst? My experience is that folks either love it or hate it.....I love it.

I remember when I was a little kid my Mother taking me to the butcher shop with her; sawdust on the floor (as a kid, I loved to play in ,and still fondly remember). Then butcher would always give me a slice of liverwurst.
Theresa -

Yes this weekend in facy finally some some nice pig livers. I love it! Jessie hates liver but loves liverwurst - go figure? I wasn't sure if I was gonna smoke it but I made chicken livers in bacon last week and they were great so I'm smoking it for sure!

I'll let you know if the recipe is any good. I found it on the net and sometimes there not so good.

PS our old butcher shop/slaughter house had sandust on the floor too. I used to wonder why the guy would not get rid of his cigar wait he wa cutting meat. Mama would have died if she ever saw that place. Mama made us wear these funny little hair webs whenever we were in the kitchen - now I wear a ballcap instead. Somethings are hard to get rid of.
Keep your eyes out for used commercial equipment. I came across a Fleetwood 10" slicer that was "broken" for $40. Turns out that the only thing wrong was an out of adjustment safety switch. Lucky snag! I am looking around for a grinder/stuffer.

I have to agree with the buy the best you can find attitude and going the used commercial route I think is actually an advantage. Alot of the nuts, bolts, knobs, belts, motors and such are actually eaiser to find on the web and are often off the shelf hardware. Almost all castings can be repaired if you can't locate a factory replacement and to top that off alot of commercial stuff from different makers is really "rebadged" stuff from two or three major manufactures!

My next project is cleaning up a Vulcan double basket deep fryer that is about the nastiest thing that I have ever come across. Looking for the best degreeser out there. I have heard of a dry ice or nitrogen cleaning process but haven't really looked into it yet.

My wife asked why I brought home a nasty, greasy deep fryer and set it in the drive way. So I told her that I was gonna train the kids to get a job at McDonalds
I Bought A Ten Inch Blade Commercial Slicer At Restaurant Supply House New. At The Time The Only Used Ones Were Much Too Big And Heavy. Paid A Little Over $4oo.with The Savings On Lunch Meat And Cheese It'll Soon Pay For Itself. Not To Mention The Venison Cheese Steaks. The Slicers Made For The Home Have Too Much Plastic For MY Liking. But, Save And Go With What You Can Afford And Treat It Nice. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.