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May 5, 2007
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i'm headed out to the store today & will post back w/ the prices on ribs,brisket,pork shoulder & butt,chicken & ribeyes fyi. if anyone else hits the market today would ya do the same. just comparing prices across the nation. i know our town has the highest meat prices in the southern part of the state and the most livestock per capita.
I was able to get pork shoulders and loins at $1.19lb last week.

Picked out 4 shoulders and 5 loins for under $40

They weren't the biggest cuts, but the price was nice.
Off my head, I know the Costco here sells whole chickens @ .69 cts/lb.
But you have to get two chickens.
Pork tenderloins for 3.99/lb.

Meijers has pork (butts, country ribs, steaks) every now and then for .99cts/lb.
right now my grocer has the pork i bought here a few weeks ago, for $0.99/lb, on sale for $1.29/lb right now. they also have jalapenos for $0.69/lb right now.
Checked out the flyer:
BB's - $4.99
fatties - 2 for $5
chic quartrs - $0.69
Spare ribs - $1.99
Copper River Sock eye salmon - 9.99
Whole chic - $1.69
Beef back ribs - $1.69
Bush's baked beans - 10 for $10.
shoulders - $1.19

South East PA
I went to sam's this morning and was gonna get some loin back ribs until I saw the price.
Loin Back Ribs $3.99 lb

Whole chickens $0.79 lb

Whole Tenderloin $2.29 lb

So I got 2 chickens for 6 bucks and a 10lb tenderloin for 21 bucks.
Just picked up a butt for $1.99 at the supermarket and was glad to get it, first one I've seen in 3 weeks of looking. I'm not even going to tell you what the jalapenos cost, even more then the butt! . Got love Long Island prices.
Hmmm lets' see on sale

Whole Fryer chickens $2.29/lb
Shrimp 15-ct./lb $12.99 lb.
Ballpark Beef Franks $1.99/lb
Boneless Pork Tenderloin $3.99/lb
Genoa Salami $4.99/lb
Pepperoni Sliced or Stick $5.99/lb
Extra Large Sea Scallops $12.99/lb
Sockeye Salmon Filllets $13.99/lb.
Swordfish Steaks $11.99/ lb.
Littleneck Clams $3.99 dozen
Marval Turkey Breast $4.99/ lb. lunchmeat
Salmon Steaks $6.99/lb
Southern Catfish Fillet $5.49 lb.
Perdue Jumbo Thighs $1.19 lb.
Top Round London Broil $4.29 lb.
Whole Fresh Picnic Pork Shoulder $ . 99/lb
Beef Butt trimmed for filets $6.99/lb

Looks like Pork Shoulders again! Good hing I love pulled / roast pork!

I finally found Jalepinos $2.89/lb
well here's what i got for prices & what i bought. beef ribs(1.80lb)1 rack around $7.00, pork rack(2.44lb)1 rack-$11.00,corned brisket-for pastrami(never done that yet $2.45lb,a 2.85lb at $4.60)10lb tyson chix 1/4s $4.80 the pack,2 jimmy deans fer a royal fatty @2.45 ea., a pre smoked 5lb pork shoulder sammie cut for $5.00. i saw a packer brisket around 12lb for $21.00, a 5 lb. top round cut for $17.00, and 4 ttl weight 43oz ribeyes(junk fat & no marble) for $23.00 do i have to start getting road kill or go vegan or what????
oh yah - the boston butts @ $.99 per lb last wk were $2.37lb this wk. debi- omg... no matter what - if it's shrimp, buy it off a boat snapping yer hand or do w/out- these imports & farm raised crap put me out of a 30 year 3 generation business... please no one buy that junk... it's just not the same.
guess i'll chime in with our ad:

country style ribs $1.77/lb
boston butt $1.59/lb
pork spareribs $1.99/lb

split chicken breast 50% off (that was my last smoke and was yummy)

gypsyseagod sorry to hear about the family business and i agree, fresh is the way to go if you can do it
i forgot to post this lil' comment i read the other day. and i quote.. "the price of beef is skyrocketing due to the fact that the majority of corn grown in the u.s. is going to ethanol production" - now i know for fact ( check the exports & dow) that 70% of all u.s. crops(corn& grain) go to russia,north korea, & u.n. food programs. i haven't seen a corn fed cow yet in 9 states-we have about 30 & a dairy farm w/ 40 across the road(my brother holds a phd in agro engineering w/a masters in bio chem engineering) damn smart redneck. fuel & transpo costs i would believe.. and the southeastern drought.. ok ok ... got my point across
I'm gonna turn em into sausages Shell. I have been dying to make sausages for a few weeks. I just haven't figured out what yet!

Now you know why I eat so much pulled or roast pork! It's the only good price in the store. Pork is reasonable here but beef rarely is. Fish forget it!

babybacks $3.99
spares $1.99
ribeyes $7.99

rib roast $6.09
loin chops $2.99
country style
ribs $1.99

boneless leg
of lamb $3.99
salmon $6.59

Thing about Costco and Sam's, ya gotta know the prices (sales) at other grocery stores..
Shell -

Well I got two of those cheap shoulders to make sausage. They felt kind of hard. I don't know what they were but they were stringy as an old pair of blue jeans! I trimmed for hours and they still clogged up my grinder! I laid the cut up pieces between ice for hours and no use - still kept clogging. I just got done making my Ring Bologna and threw it in the smoker at 11pm. Never did an all nighter on sausages before! LOL

Maybe it was a really old pig?

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