meat loaf

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
I started out Saturday with another Meat was it good...I am about convinced you could add just about anything you wanted to your meatloaf as long as you used Heinz 57 for the topping and come out Good...
I can make one and beleive me it won't last long...
I smoked a small pork loin Sunday and really added too much Garlic salt...Still turned out ok, but a little too much salt...So I am experimenting here...The way things are going, I will probably need a new smoker by the end of summer....What a deal...

You want to wait till the last thirty minutes or so of smoking....then add the topping...Heinz 57 really adds to the flavor...I am not much of a baked ketchup fan...

I top mine with a mix of 1/2 tomato sauce and 1/2 tomato paste. Then, I sprinkle the top with onion powder and a little brown sugar. That's the way my mom did it. There is a pic on "Daryle's Blog" at my web site. Pretty good comfort food.
Heinz 57, I never would've thunk it on a meat loaf but I will try it. My wife already gives me a rough time for using it with fried fish so this should really put her over the top. Thanks for the tip Steve & I hope you had better luck with the wind and cold last Saturday in NW Ark than I did here in Mtn Home. Keeping the temps level was a challenge. But in the end all that was left was a huge pile of rib bones.
wow gonna have to try the heinz 57 sauce on my next meatloaf sounds awsome I love that stuff on my burgers.
I always used hunt's seasoned meatloaf sauce.
Steve, super thrilled your meatloaf came out so good, i'm fixing to fix a couple here guess this weekend. I have just used ketchup for topping but will for sure give that heinz 57 a shot i like that alotttttttt.
Something else i thought about trying making the meatloaf in one of those big bread glass dishes. But just use enough of the meat to fill it to about 3/4 full take it out of the dish and smoke it. Then say when it is about 15 or 30 minutes before it is done, put it back in the dish add some mashed potatoes to it. Then top off with some cheese. Just thinking might add your heinz 57 sauce to it before the mashed tators. Just a little thought throwing out there for folks.

I would've never guessed that they had a tomato sauce specially for meatloaf. I'll eat 57 with just about anything but a steak.
Go figure!
My Mom used to add Ketchup to the top of her oven baked Meatloaf...Growing up, I hated it...and I am not a fan of the word hate...but I never looked forward to Meatloaf....Well this site changed my mind...and I started out with a charcoal only Brinkmann vertical smoker....this site also gave me the idea of converting it over to propane....I had an old turkey fryer we never used, so I took the burner out of it, drilled a couple of holes in the bottom of my brinkmann vertical smoker and walla.....I got me self a gas smoker...I Love it...Much easier to regulate the heat, smoke, etc...

Anyway, just smoke your favorite meatloaf receipe and when you have about thirty minutes left add the heinz 57 sauce to the top...I am sure you will stay away from the ketchup from now on....I know I will...
Meowy's receipe is one of the greatest I have used so far....But believe me...add the Heinz 57 and ya can't go wrong...what a deal......
Unfortunately my wife has a fear of meatloaf. She said her mother's was disgusting and she refuses to even look at a meatloaf. I'm going to have to break down and do one soon. I'll just have to fix her something else. more for me anyway.
tell her I was exactly the same my mom made some terrible meatloaf.....I would not touch the stuff, could not even be in the same room as a meatloaf......then along came the little lady and she makes some killer meatloaf!!!! I begrudgingly let her make it one night, fully expecting to go hungry......been hooked since!!!!!
I always heard the guys at work complain about "meatloaf again" and I love the stuff. I never figured I find so many people that loved meatloaf!

Mom used to make us kids mini meatloafs kind of like fat hamburgers and sometimes she'd throw a hunk of cheese on top. Maybe you guys could do that to get your wives to try your "new hambugers." If you win them over then just make it into a big meatloaf.

I like to throw the ketsup, 57 and mustard in the meatloaf with my spices too.
when i make meatloaf.... i put some cubes of cheese inside of it... then i mix either A-1 and ketchup or 57 and ketchup....

wish i could get HP sauce in (canadians know what this
I'm telling you kids....the little lady don't need any sauce or hiding of any kind....she makes KILLER meatloaf.........don't need any of that stuff......granted...I'd love to smoke it........
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