Meat loaf for St. Paddy's Day

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Jul 17, 2005
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Going to make two meat loaves (first time) tomorrow with my Brinkman vertical water smoker. My plan is to put chicken quarters on the bottom rack and the meat loaves on the top to make it easier to baste/mop. I believe the cooking times should come out close. Would I be correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Wouldn't you know it ... we are going to have a windy and cold day to contend with.

Yeah, it should be pretty close depending on the size of your loafs, Allways good to have chicken on the bottom or under other things you are smoking in a vertical don't want chicken juices dripping on any meat. Good luck and remember we love pics!!!!
Squeezy, Maybe some folks smarter than me will chime in but I think you are right about the timing. I take my meatloaf off at about 160 degrees and the chicken at about 170. If you have never tried a smoked meatloaf I think you are in for a treat. Maybe a little of your favorite BBQ sauce on top during the last half hour of the cook.
Put on your heavy coat and forget about the weather!!!
You've been given some good advice. I too pull my meatloaf from the smoker at 160F. Yes sir, you are in for a treat!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Thanks guys...I thought it out carefully and it is great that you think I have it right.
There will be pics ... rest assured. Will be using apple.
Not afraid of the cold, although I hate winter, just concerned that the wind will extinguish my burner flame. That would not be good!
Hey Squeezy, digital thermomertors are the way to go , insert you`r props and set the temps !! takes alot of guese work out & a sure wat to knnow when it`s done not over cooked or under !! I have both the et-72 & et-73 , i use both and they are great !! ok have a good one !!!
I only have one remote meat thermometer ... for the time being, and I'm using a regular oven thermometer which I need to lift lid and peek at. Haven't found a place that sells units with all the bells and whistles here in Ontario. If anyone knows of a Canadian outlet, please let me know.
Until then we'll go with temp. + time = desired results.
Thanks for your input friends ....

Squeezy -

Your gonna love the meat loaf! The times should be really close so just enjoy. Don't forget the apple juice!


I for one prefer a dial therometer! I may have to go look at it but there alway easy to adjust.
My digital froze up after my 2nd smoke!
Started out about 1:30 using mesquite and apple with an average temp about 220º F ... reached 162º F internally 3½ hours later. Meat loaf is now back in rotation as regular fare ... moist and tasty! Placed them on a pizza pan with the holes in bottom ... worked great!
Weather was 32ºF ... wind was 20 gusting to 30 MPH ... used house as wind break.
Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, advice, and hints ... much appreciated.
Will be doing this again for sure!
Oh! ... everyone loved it !


Brinkman with propane conversion ( NOTE: the thin blue smoke )

Afterburner conversion uses minimal amout of wood

At the finish ... looks good to me!

Sliced and ready to serve

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