Meat is too Smokey. YUK!

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Meat Mopper
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Dec 4, 2006
I have posted in various spots on here and still have questions.

I use a New Braunfels smoker, w/ side fire box. So far my meat has tasted awful! I think that I am using too much smoke. Mine billows like crazy and I hear about "a thin blue smoke" but that is never the case w/ mine.

Please help! This is my new obsession and so far I am only obsessed and not very impressed.
If your using all wood then I would suggest going to charcoal and adding some chunks for flavor, less smoke is better. Your problem sounds like fire control but without more information it is hard to say exactly whats going on.
Hey Jim. I am starting w/ a large bed of lump charcoal, then adding wood after the charcoal burns down. I think I am using too much would because the thing smokes like crazy (thick white smoke).
Oak, Hickory and Mesquite are all on the storng side, the cherry is fairly mild. I suggest you consider Charcoal as your heat source and add a couple chunks (fist size) of wood for flavor. You do not need to add wood through out the whole cook.

Start out light and see how you like the end results, if you would like more smoke then the next cook add a few more chunks.

Cherry you can get by with more wood but mesquite go light, same for hickory and oak.

They call it smoking but if you can see it then there is too much. When you need more heat in the pit use charcoal to keep your pit temp where you want it.

It has all to with the size of the offset, on the smaller units fist size chunks or small sticks will work (I would not use chips). You will have a very tough time getting larger pieces of wood to burn clean in the small firebox.

Cooking on the Klose I can get away with logs because of the amount of air I'm moving and the size of the firebox.

Try placing the chunks on top of, or as close as you can get them to your firebox to Preheat the wood. Does help keeping if from smoldering before taking off, makes a difference in the amount of white smoke you get.

Figure that to be two fist size chunks, if your using more than two or three of those for the whole cook that could be the problem.
That is where I was headed XTex. Also the more of any size piece of wood you put on your coal bed the more it will choke down your fire. This will cause it smoke badly and your splits won't combust well. I would probably use one and absolutely no more than two of those splits at once. If it's not already in here somewhere lay them on top of your firebox and preheat them as well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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