Meat grinder recommendations.

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I have the LEM Big Bite 8 and it does all that I need it to do. A 12 would have been impressive but overkill for our needs and frequency of use.
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I have the LEM Big Bite 8 and it does all that I need it to do. A 12 would have been impressive but overkill for our needs and frequency of use.
I have one too.
However, I've have the circuit breaker trip on occasion.
Wish I had gone to a bigger one.
I have a 1hp Cabelas Carnivore grinder and really love it. I use it to process deer, pigs, store bought meat, etc and it has been amazing.
The way meat prices have jumped I'm thinking of buying a meat grinder to grind my own burger and pork. I have zero experience with this and would appreciate any suggestions. I'm not looking to break the bank as I will at this point just trying not to spend 6 plus dollars a pound for ground meat. I would however like something that will last awhile. Chuck roast was just on sale for 4.99lb and that would have saved a bundle. I do have a vacuum sealer so storing is not an issue.
Are there preferences to which cuts can be ground?
I appreciate everyone here and value your opinions especially on matters I know little about.
Thanks in advance.
Oh, I do have a Amazon prime account if that helps.
I also vote LEM. Never had a complaint about them. Most the complaints we get are people buying the ones from Cabela.
I have a 10 year old LEM #8 @ 1/2 hp. The newer #8's are 1/3 hp.
LEM has had a few changes in their grinders that change the parts. There are not many replaceable parts for my machine now.

MEAT is a good quality machine too.

I'm rather partial to the "Walton's" brand out of Wichita KS. They have a hell of a good forum there too in "Meatgistics". Walton's is a one stop shop as they boast "Everything but the Meat"
We have been using a Meat Your Maker 1HP #22 and have been very happy with it. One thing we like is the housing for the auger and grinding plates is very heavy. Overnight in the freezer and its stays nice and cold for a long time. The big throat is easy to clean.
went with the #12 - caught a deal on amazon right around turkey day for $450, so pulled the trigger on that. got a chance to use it yesterday and the thing (compared to my starter grinder) is super silent. cranked through some chicken i had laying around in no time through the coarse die. pretty sure this will be a good investment - especially if i can talk myself into getting that mixer.
speaking of my old starter grinder... anybody want this? it's in good shape - like i said the aluminum has turned grey but other than that it's pretty pristine. giving it away, just ask for shipping.
So what did you pick up? The mixer attachment you will find is just short of a "Gotta Have!" Mine was more like the difference between life and death! LOL!
LEM big bite #12. if i could afford the mixer at the same time i'd have it - that last batch of italian sausage about froze my hands mixing it. be a month or two before i pick up the mixer. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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