Mead in NJ

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 20, 2021
Perth Amboy, NJ
My First attempt at a Mead - Was taken right after putting the Bung in the Bung Hole ( I didn't need TP for the bung hole...)

Hopefully this will be ready by Fall....

I did a mead last year with about ten pounds of honey. I back sweetened it with OJ. It wasn’t too bad. This year I want to try something different back sweetening. What yeast are you using?
I'll get photos tonight to post up of it bottled - Came out pretty well - Has a little bite at the end, but overall not bad.
As far as what type of yeast - I'll be honest - no clue - It came in the kit that I bought off amazon that had everything but the honey and water in it.

Only used 3lbs, not 10 lbs though......
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Ordered a a kit from amazon a couple weeks ago after finding a mead maker on instagram. He's pretty informative and had links to resources. Has all the requried ingredients and equipment to make it except for a gallon of spring water and 2.5 pounds of honey. When my honey do list gets a little shorter, i'll make time to make it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.