May 20th-Smokin 30# of pork butts

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
I got 4 butts (a little over 30# before trimming) in the smoker. Put the largest butt on the bottom rack, smallest on the top, and the last two of the same size in the middle. I used TulsaJeff's pork rub (from his pulled pork recipe with coleslaw)and I will be using Fla-Jeff's finishing sauce. I am gonna make Jeff's coleslaw and a couple bottles of his smokey BBQ sauce, both from the same recipe page above.

I rubbed the butts last night, first with mustard and then Jeff's spicy rub. I didn't have alot of cellophane, so I stuffed each butt in a gallon ziplock bag. All but (or butt) one fit nicely - the last one required a second bag and wouldn't seal. Worked nicely!


Lookin good SmokeEater.. keep those pics comin. I like that pulled pork.

Keep Smokin
Can't wait to see which on wins the cute butt contest. They look so good. I hope this all comes together for you and the finished product is great.
Delightful, simply delightful!

Might I guess that this treat is for your fellow heroes? Good going and best of luck and God Bless You All!

Thank you!

We have a softball game tomorrow, between my firehouse and a neighboring house. I got the food! They got the easy part - drinks! Gonna pick up some fresh rolls tomorrow from the bakery.

Brought the butts inside and they are in the oven and foiled. Biggest butt is almost 160°, and a smaller one is about 165°. Only a couple hours left to go. Can't wait till tomorrow!
Don't have to be at work untill 4:00 tomorrow, can make it to N.Y. in no time. Should I bring anything? Damn they look good. Thanks for the porn, This way I know what the really good stuff should look like.
Just finished pulling the first two butts. Another two resting - to be pulled shortly. Here's some porn!

Update: Almost 2am and just wrapping up. Longer than expected, but seems it always is. It's well worth it though! BTW, I used hickory & cherry chunks for smoke.
They looked mighty good. Hope you enjoyed them.

amoroso rolls they are the best..i get any of my family coming this way to bring some up along with some casapolla subs is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.