Maverick Thermometers

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big jimmy

Original poster
Jan 3, 2007
Marlborough, New Zealand
Greeting to all from New Zealand.

It has been difficult to purchase a digital thermometer that would last for more than a few weeks here in NZ as nobody seemed to import them. I managed to get a couple of different ones but they failed quickly, then I got a Weber wireless one that lasted a little longer but quickly gave up as well. I checked out this site and it seemed that most pros use the Maverick thermometers and they seem to last well. I contacted Maverick directly and am very pleased to say that I have been appointed as the distributor for Maverick thermometers for New Zealand so not only can I get a great product myself, but I can also supply all my smoking associates with them as well. (maybe even make a few dollars). I would be interested to hear which of the units are prefered, so I order the correct ones in. Thanks in advance for your help and happy smoking. It is end of Summer here in NZ so I am looking forward to some good autumn smoking before the winter begins.
Et-72 and 73's are my preferred thermometers. I love the 73 as it monitors both the meat and the cooking chamber.
ET-73 all the way. Like Stars said, it monitors pit and meat simultaneously. Alarms for both. A great unit. I've had mine about a year and it earns it's keep around here. The range is lacking a little IMO, but so is every other remote I've used.
FYI....Maverick Industries called me today to say that there 6ft(wire) probes had finally come in and they would be shipped out tommorow(I had pre-ordered)
Got to add another...
for the ET very well..
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