Maverick Smoker Thermometer

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gene reda

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Jul 3, 2005
Northern New Jersey
I ordered a Maverick Smoker thermometer last week that just arrived this afternoon. It has a digital display with a probe for the smoker temperature and another probe for the meat. It allows you to set a minimum temperature for the smoker and a maximum food temperature and the unit will sound an alarm if either reaches the set limits.

It also comes with a remote unit that shows the smoker temperature and the current temperature of your food that can be used up to 100 feet away from the smoker. Can't wait to try this out. Seems like it will be perfect for those long overnight sessions to cut down on the trips outside to check the temps one more time...has anyone used one of these units?
Yes, I have several and they work excellent! They are normally very accurate - but you should always test your thermos with boiling water.

Bring a pan of water to a boil. Place your probe into the water, being careful not to touch the sides or bottom of the pan. It should read 212* . If there is + or - 10* difference..........take it back!

This test also works for door thermos that have extended probes on them. You're going to appreciate your new toy on your next cook!

Where did you get the Maverick Smoker thermometer?
I recently ruined my wife's fancy digital meat thermometer that she bought in one of these kitchen specialty stores.
Whenever I smoked sometheing, I would thread the probe of her thermometer through a potatoe and leave it on the grill so I could get the exact temperature on the grill.
After about 5 smokes the thermometer crapped out and now I have nothing.
I am willing to pay a little more for a good thermometer if it lasts, and now I also have to buy my wife a new meat thermometer!!!
Here is a different model that is a little less expensive. Looks like it is fairly comparable to the other model:

Maverick Remote Meat Thermometer - Model ET-72

You may want to do a search for remote thermometers and see the cost differences between models, manufacturers, etc. to get the best deal.

I bought my ET73 Maverick Smoker Thermometer from Kitchen and Home Gadgets which can be reached on the web at

The ET73 model got much better reviews than the earlier ET72 which had problems with the remote unit not reading more than 25 feet away from the transmitter. The ET73 reads at least from outside one part of my house all the way to the opposite side, which should give you plenty of says it has a range of 100 feet, but I have not checked it that far away yet.

I paid $39.99 plus $8.50 shipping for the ET73 unit and it came within a week.

Good luck,
Thank you for the information Jeff and Gene!

That ET-7 thermometer looks great! I will do a little more research on it when I get home from work and probably buy one this weekend.
Also Gene, thanks for the new site, , they seem to have reasonably priced items.
I have the ET-73 and LOVE it!

A couple of notes: Be careful when looking at the other models of the Redi-Chek ET line. As far as I know, the 73 is the ONLY model that is "dual" temp. That is, it monitors/alarms not only the food temp, but the COOKER temp as well.

As for where to get it: SmartHome has it for $49.99. A possible discount for first time buyers.

Also, NorthernTool:

Thanks for the great board!
I just ordered the ET-73 from Smarthome. It was $44.99 + $8.85 Shipping for total of $53.84. It is their model 3219. I hope it is better than the Weber and lasts longer. Addditionally I am rolling the dice here with respect to range. My building where I do my smoking is greater than 100 feet from the house. The Weber did not have problems with the distance. It will be great to monitor meat temperature and smoker temperature. I'll let the forum know how it works out.

Aubrey Page
About the ET-73. I received mine quickly from Smarthome. It works as described in an earlier post allowing the setting of lower and upper limits and an alarm. It measures both the meat temperature and the smoker temperature as advertised.

However it is still not the ideal product that I would like. Here are the shortcomings in order of importance.

The cord length from the probes to the transmitter are too short. I threaded the wires through a lower vent hole in my GOSM Propane smoker and put the meat probe in the meat and the smoker temperature probe in the provided clip below the shelf. Now the line was so short that I had to place the transmitter on a wood block near the floor. Not on the shelf next to the smoker as I had wanted to. The cords barely reach. Any shorter and the transmitter would have to be in the smoker (which it can't). The Weber didn't have this problem but then again Weber was defective.

Secondly, the transmit range is about 50 feet. Maybe this isn't an issue for some but for me it means that the receiver has to be on the shelf next to the smoker because it won't reach the house. So a fat lot of good this wireless feature is. I still have to walk from the house to the building where the smoker is to read the temperature. That is no better than my excellent quality conventional wired unit.

Third, the power switch on the transmitter is inside the battery compartment. You have to open the unit up to turn it on/off. Dumb Idea!

Aubrey Page
Aubrey-I've had some digital probe wire that where a bit on the short side too, I just run the wire through the top vent of the GOSM.
Earl-D, that is not a good solution for me. I would have to build some kind of swing arm device that would allow placement of the transmitter over the top of the smoker while in use as well as swing out of he way so that I can put the cover on. Worth a thought though. There's still the range issue.

Aubrey Page
Just to follow up, I received my ET-73 and used it yesterday while smoking a meat loaf and some ribs (also some ABTs but that's just standard practice). The unit works fine and per the boiling water test it comes in at exactly 212* for both the food and the smoker probe. I am very pleasantly surprised. It's also very convienient to set the reciever on the kitchen table and with a glance, I can know the internal temp of the meat I'm smoking as well as the temp of the smoker. I highly recommend the unit.

Bill Smith
This is a follow up to my note on having ordered the ET-73. (By the way I tried to post earlier but it went into hyperspace ... hope this one is not redundant.) I tried it yesterday while I was smoking a meat loaf and some ribs. It worked great. It is very convienient to walk by the kitchen table and read the reciever and to immediately know the internal temp of the meat being smoked as well as the temp of the smoker. And by the way, one of the best surprises is that I checked the callibration via the boiling water method. You'll never guess how it cam out..... both the food probe and the oven probe provided a reading of 212* on the money. At this point, I am very happy with the unit and highly recommend it.

Bill Smith
Today I ordered my Mavrick ET-73 Thermometer. Hope to give it a good workout when it gets here.
I have TruTemps but I can say this, I've heard nothing but good about Mavericks. I hope to have a couple some day. Congrats! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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