Maverick ET-73

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May 5, 2007
I did some checking around the area and found this thermometer for $39.99 at Kitchen and Company. Is that about right pricewise? I've seen them from $39.99 on up on the interweb, then there's shipping on top of that.

Seems like a good price 2 me!

I guess I'm stopping on the way home 2nite to pick one up!
Have you checked out Jeff's Smoking Meat Store link yet? Might be one there, or similar one. Just depends on how quick you need it.
I use the ET-73, it's been one of the best thermometers that I've used. Been looking to get the ET-7 for those 3-meat smokes.
FYI, Maverick Support told me a while back that you could use more than one Maverick wireless unit at a time. The trick was to sync them up separately. The batteries last a long time.
Well, that was a bust! When I called K&C, they said they had the ET-73 in stock. I drove all the way over there after work, during rush hour in beach traffic, only to find it was the ET-72 (single probe) they had.

Guess I'll get one elsewhere...
As it turned out, the local Kitchen & Company had the doggone thing the whole time. Dummy me for not cruising the whole store to find their new BBQ section!
Dummy clerks for not checking that department and telling me that department existed... oh well.

Long story short and $39.99 later, I now have it and it looks sweet! I have a busy weekend coming up, but I'm gonna try to squeeze in some smoke time to give it a test run.

I'll soon be adding the ET-7 to my arsenal as well...
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