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  1. I purchased my Maverick ET-732 in August 2012. Last weekend I had a scare that my smoker caught fire cause the ET-732 was reading nearly 350* in an electric smoker set to 220*. I run outside pull the plug feel the sides, then open the door, no fire, in fact it didn't feel overly hot at all. I grabbed my oven dial thermometer, and let the smoker get up to temp again, ET-732 reading 320*, open the door, dial gauge reading 220*. The ET-732 gets stored neatly inside, probes and wires get coiled after every use. Maybe the connection got wet at some point and it shorted the probes. Not to sure, either way I don't really find it acceptable. Having to buy replacement parts in under 6 months is not what I would call a quality product. So now do i invest another $20 in new probes, 1/3 of the cost of the ET-732 when I purchased it. Or do I search for a better solution. I don't have a problem spending more if it's a quality product.
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    No prob.
  4. I contacted Maverick about my problem, I work in the same industrial park as them so they said to swing by and they would give me a new set of probes under warranty. I'll try the sealant trick, but once this is out of warranty I don't think I will continue to buy probes if they continue to fail.
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    I just recieved my ET-732 that I had to pay $26 to upgrade for. I did apply high temperature sealant to both of the probes and covered them with shrink wrap tubing. I'll keep everyone posted on the longevitey.
  6. Have the ET-732 and love it
  7. Can you use both probes for two separate cuts of meat, or do you have to use the smoker probe, for the smoker???
  8. I don't see why you couldn't. the smoker probe will certainly have the temp range for meats as well. The et-733 (the new model) allows you to set the second probe for either meat or grill temps. I think all they did was add in some programming to change the text on the display, pretty sire functionality is the same.
  9. Thanks grimm, was given the maverick et-73, and noticed the probes are different, the smoker probe is more blount than the meat probe, didn't know if I could buy another meat probe and use or if I could just use the smoker probe. I've checked them for temp and they both run the same.
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    Yep, you can get another meat probe for the other side of the unit from them. I think I will get A super long and high temp one to increase the utility of it. I have the 73 and it worked for 4-5 years before I even had to replace a probe. Maybe I just got lucky. I love my new et 732. They have a new model out? 733? Hmmm... damn I wish I would have known that.
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    Just got a brand new et-732 from Todd. Well, range SUCKS can not bring inside my kitchen which is only 8 feet from where my smoker sits outside. Will not stay synced for more than ten minutes at a time. Trash from china. Sending back!
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    Take it easy man. Maybe you just got a bad one. My smoker is 2 floors down and my mav works great. Did you contact Todd?
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    Lol, I plan on contacting Todd Monday. I will give Maverick one chance but thats it. I am in the middle of my second batch of ribs and can not bring the unit inside. Upon it giving the LOST LINK alert it will not re-sync. This is BS. I hope u right.
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    Many, many , many people have these and love them. Including me. Todd will make it right .
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    [​IMG]   X2...everybody gets hold of a lemon now and then, but don't blame one bad apple on the whole company.  Mavericks are good products, and Todd's a good guy... he'll do what it takes to get you going.  If you'll be a little patient I'll bet you really like that 732.

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    [​IMG]  I have several 732s and they have all been accurate and performed well at distance. I have had a couple of scares where the chamber probe has been giving a high reading but this has been because the probe had slipped and was in direct contact with the metal cooking grill. Once it was put back in its clip it gave the correct chamber temperature.

    I now have a 733 too. My initial impressions are that I prefer the 732 however I will persevere with it a bit longer before making up my mind completely
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    Ok, so changed batteries to Energizer Maxx to make sure it was not just weak batteries.
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    If you have aluminum or steel siding it will affect the range.

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    Nope, stucco
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    you mentioned the 73 in the title... If this Is in fact what you have,, then yes.... The 73 did have very poor remote capabilities... There was a mod somewhere where you would put antennas on the 73... The 732 is an upgrade with built in antennas...

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