Material for sealing door.

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OK, my big King Kooker loses smoke around the door, more than actually flows out of the chimney, so I'm thinking this affects the smoke flow by not passing all the way up through the chamber and kissing the meat....I'm wondering what kind of material I could put around the inside of the door that would help seal the door tighter. Obviously it would have to be heat proof. I was thinking of the stripping on the inside of an oven, but I think that it would be too thick...any ideas???
Shell, there are several different sizes of seals for wood stove doors that come with cement to glue them in place, I bought a 1 inch wide flat piece to do my homebuilt, and I recall Debi saying in a post to use high temp caulking,placing a bead around the door covered with saran wrap or the such and then close the door till it hardens, open door then remove the wrap .02 worth
Shell whatever you use please let me know how it works as I too need to seal both my door and between the SFB & cooking chamber.
On the first fridge smoker I made I used fireplace/wood burning stove door seal, as T-Bone Tim suggested. I went to a retailer of fireplaces and they had many different diameters to chose from and it was in bulk so I could pick the length. The seal is in a braided rope style. I did use the hi temp caulk which held tight for at least 5 years, till I got rid of it. I sealed around the door and then also around the dorrway, so when the dorr was closed both seals met eachother.
There a stove rope? available I think it was at Lowes? Maybe Home Depot? I don't know why I can't keep them straight.

If they don't have it there try a plumbing supply store.
Stove rope will work and it comes in various thicknesses. Permatex makes a line of hi temp silicone sealants and ACE Hardware also carries high temp silicone. The ACE is called Rutland red and is good for 550 F continuous. Some of the Permatex sealants are good to several thousand degrees. Might even find Permatex at an auto supply store.
I use what's called smoke seal. It's an adhesive gasket that is used to seal fire doors. Clean the surface VERY WELL and apply. close door and let it seat. you can buy this in bulk at any millwork door distributor
To seal between the SFB and cook chamber use furnice cement, just loosen the SFB dump some all around and tighten it up. It will ooz out, which is what you want, wipe it off, and let it harden overnight. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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