Massive Meat Marithon

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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
Like the alleteration?

Anyhow, I've got about 30# of meat sitting on my smoker (brisket, 3 racks o ribs, 3 turkey legs, 1 of 2 fattys) out of room for the time being, waiting to make room for smoked almonds, ABT's, and Dutches wicked baked beans (prepared them last night, just needa smoke em). More sides will be some cole slaw with an awesome vinegar dressing my wife makes, Corn Puddin' (i forgot who posted it but they eat it with chicken), mac and cheese, and some banana pudding for dessert...I think thats everything. Got up at 6 this mornin and the brisket went on at 7 followed by the ribs and turkey at 8 ish, fatty went on at around 7:30. I'm planning on having food to graze on all day and showing off to the neighbors...hopefully they follow the smell of the smoke.
DANG! Did you not eat all week? That is just about enough for me, too.

Your on the S. side of the street.......right? I think I just went by it. Hurry up and ice down the are thirsty!
Holy crap, that was a fun are kind of scarce as the beer was flowing pretty heavy. All told I made the brisket, 3 racks of ribs, 3 turkey legs, 12 chicken drummies, smoked almonds, dutches wicked beans, 30 ABT's, and a fatty on the smoker. there was also corn puddin', cole slaw, and mac and cheese... I think thats about's the pics.
I love the ultra close-up of your brisket ... not to mention the lovely bark and smoke ring!
Would you like to share your method for your brisket? Like temps, foil or not, rubs used etc.
I think the CG is in shock. Unfortunately I can only post 10 pics, then again I wasn't able to get pics of the ribs. I'll have to thaw out the leftovers and take some pics. also the chicken drummies...i think there's about 3 left. I was hoping to have some friends over to help eat the goodies but only one came so he made off with a ton of left overs. that still left me with bunches...oh yeah I made ABT's usual, they dissappeared too fast to get a pic. didn't do anything special with em just japs cream cheese and bacon, with a side of strawberry jam for dippin'.

Squeezy, oddly enough my method for the brisket was almost nonexistent. I threw the brisket on at 7 AM and it was done by about 1:30 PM I had a pretty consistant temperature difference on each side of the CG (roughly 40*) so I started the brisket on the hot side til it got to about 160 and I foiled it and put it on the cool side til it was almost 200. kept it foiled and set it in a cooler with towls and let it snooze til I was ready to serve. I had to slice it very gently as the connective tissue was almost gone, but it wasn't quite moist enough to pull.

I guess my brisket method is to cook a little higher temp at the beginning and let it coast on a lower heat the rest of the time and give it a nice healthy rest before consumption.

My ribs on the other hand were pretty much a mushy mess. I did 3-2-1 method and they were done after 2...I couldn't get the ribs out of the foil without them disentegrating. Does anybody have some suggestions on how not to have mushy ribs using the 3-2-1 method? or should I maybe try 221 to allow for more "bite" in the meat?

Oh yeah! I've got some pics of my job in action. Here's a link

I've done my last few sets of ribs 3-1-1, and 3.5-1.5-1.5. I think the longer before foil provides more bark, if that's what you like. Less time in the foil=less mushy (they kinda steam in there)...and if you put them in the foil for two hours, and can get them out without falling apart, you might firm them up a bit by extending the final 1 hour a little. The only problem you may run into is the rib ends may get a little dry.

Not sure it made sense typed out, but it sure sounded good in my head
I absolutely LOVE the new smoker! I just have to work out a few kinks in the temp control area and I should be golden. I was running kinda hot and cooked the brisket too fast (still turned out great) and the ribs were foiled a little (read "a lot") too long. I almost had to scoop em outta the foil with a spoon. they were beyond saving...I guess I coulda pulled em
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