Massive Frustration!!! Any Advice ?

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Jul 7, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I've just returned my 4th propane smoker. 1st smoker= Defective (Cabela's SST Vertical). 2nd smoker= Damaged by shipper. (Cabela's replacement). 3rd smoker= Damaged by shipper (Smoke Vault by Camp Chef). 4th smoker= Damaged by shipper (Smoke Vault replacement). These manufacturers' "protective packaging" stinks!

Buying via the internet hasn't been fun, but I can't seem to find a decent sized propane smoker at an Atlanta area store. I'm 6 months into my 1st smoker purchase and I still don't have one that works! Massive Frustration!
Hey everyone has a bad day every now and then. Eventually the shipper will have a bad day and let one get by that they didn't throw down, back into, use for a step ladder, or just damage it for giggles and grins. Hang in there... next time one comes damaged and you call the service dept. Go as far up the ladder as you can get and request special delivery or overnight since you've had so many problems.

Good Luck and Keep Smokin
Hello, jump over to roll call and introduce yourself so the friendly folks here can give you a propper welcome. Sorry about the problems with getting you started smoking. Hang in there, the food will be worth the wait I hope, don't give up you'll get a good one soon.
is there a bigger town close enough to you that you can drive to to get one? or maybe order one from someone else? have you been to the smokingmeat store?
I agree I used to work as a costomer service manager, and The more people you complain to the higher you work your way up, the better chance you have of getting free overnight shipping...The key words are "representation of the way your company does business." and "I will take my business and the business of my associates elsewhere!". Those are two key phrases that drive managers nuts...

If all else fails Wally world with the GOSM!!!

Hope I was of some assistance!
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