Manual grider/stuffer question

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Original poster
Jun 19, 2007
I recently joined the board and am enjoying it very much--------so much to learn yet!

Anyway, I was browsing the sausage section and began reading about home made sausage and my curiosity was peeked. I went on Ebay and somebody must have been asleep at the wheel because I won the bidding for a Porkert #8 mincer/grinder,complete with stuffer tubes for $1.99!! Of course I had to pay $13.00 in shipping but I believe it still was a good
deal. It arrived in the mail and I was pleased to see that it was in excellent condition and couldn't wait to try it out. I wanted to start right away so I decided to just go buy some freshly ground sausage meat at the grocery store.

My first problem was getting the casing to go on the stuffing tube smooth and evenly. Eventhough the casing was rinsed, slick and smooth, it wanted to ramp up one side of the tube. It also didn't want to untwist.The next problem was trying to get all the meat to go through the unit.I didn't want to put my fingers down into the opening and getting it augered off. I ended up putting some bread into the stuffer and this seemed to work.

Eventhough I had some trouble I will try it again soon. In the mean time, I'm going to eat some for breakfast. Does anyone use these old fashioned units anymore?


I have never used a grinder/stuffer for stuffing. I use a grinder for grinding and a regular stuffer for stuffing so I am not familiar with how the combo units work.

For putting the casings on the stuffer tubes I take and “string†the casings directly from the water onto the tube. Meaning I find one end of the casing in the water and leave the rest in the water, this way the casing is kept as wet as possible. Also I coat the stuffer tube with vegetable oil and even put a little vegetable oil into the water the casings are setting in. This keeps the casings lubed up for putting onto the tube and also from drying out as you are filling the casing and pulling it off of the stuffer tube.

As far as the twisting, all I can tell you is to do your best to put it on the stuffer tube as straight as possible. After a few times you will get the hang of it.
I started out just like you using a grinder as my stuffer. After the second time of trying to stuff with the grinder i had a new dedicated stuffer on its way. Not only is it extremely hard to stuff pre gound meat but you're also re-grinding what you already ground. The augers also just dont grab the ground meat mix very well. I ended up using crushed ice to aid in the stuffing, bread will alter the final sausage.

As far as loading the casing, make sure you have some water in it up by the tube end. There really isnt a trick to it except to become experienced.
I used an old hand crank, counter mount job for about 30 years until it bit the dust. I didn't use it for stuffing because it was always a major PITA! I'd make patties like hamburger sausages or meatball sausages. I bought an electric grinder LEM (which has a stuff attchment) and 5# vertical stuffer and love making sausages with them! Grinders don't make great stuffers but if it's all ya got ya make do!

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