Man, those Tri-Tips cook fast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mikesr, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. I did two small Tri-Tips today that got away from me and ended up doner than I wanted. Her'es the deal: Twenty degrees outside so I figured that I will need to set my propane (Smoke Hollow) a little higher than I normally would. Being too smart for my own good, I decided to soak Pecan chips and Jack Daniels Oak together and then wrap them in foil packets.

    Rubbed the Tips with Olive Oil then some Montreal Steak Rub. OK, that's done. Back to the wood chips. Too smart for my own good continued: I have some lava rock discs in my chip pan but I placed a doubled piece of aluminum foil over them, then I placed a chip packet on top of that. I planned on 275* so I didn't want to burn them up too fast. An hour into the smoke and I don't see any TBS. WTF? I go out and remove the extra doubled layer of foil. Fifteen minutes later I see TBS and I'm grinning.

    A little while later:
    Well, I better see about sticking a thermometer in one of those bad boys and see how far they've gone. OH! OH! 140 ALREADY! I stick the other one. 146! POOP! Pull them out and foil them, placed on a cookie sheet. Pull out the Polder thermometer and poke a hole. 154! Oh well, I guess my wife will have to settle for medium-well.

    "Hey! Where are you going?" "Meeting" (Buddhist stuff) she says. Nuts. Communication breakdown strikes again.

    Great, now how do I reheat this stuff when she gets back? I'm thinking sliced thin, fanned out and placed in the toaster oven on 250* for a few minutes.
  2. ronp

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    Slice and re warm in some aujus to keep them moist.

    The toaster oven will ruin them, IMHO.
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    I thought the same thing the first time that I did a sirloin tip roast. I even posted it here too. The 2 hunks of meat are about the same very dense and that would make them smoke fast. I did a 12lb roast in about 7-8 hours to 145 med rare to rare the way we like them too.

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