Making a Bradley like a MES

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Jan 6, 2019
So I read a lot about the MES smokers and some using the mailbox mod with the MES. I use my pellet smoker for a lot of my smokes, but I plan on trying bacon, dried beef, and hams in the next month or so, and I currently have a Bradley and was planning on using it fornthe cured products. My question is:
Can i just use the A maze n tray in the bottom of the Bradley, or should i try and make a mailbox mod. Personally I feel the bradley pucks make too heavy of a smoke in the Bradley, but maybe thats just me. Just looking for some bradley users' advice, as i see a lot of MES users, and I am bit familiar with how the MES generates smoke. Thanks
You should be able to do it in your Bradley as long as you have some air flow down on the bottom. Could take a 3" hole saw an put a damper on it to adjust if wanted. Wouldn't affect normal operation.
I have only a dozen or so smokes under my belt on my Bradley. If too muck smoke is an issue, you could try using smoke rings every other puck or so
IMO the MES has a horrible design to insert wood. Doesn't hold much at all and takes up way too much time refilling the tiny smoke chamber. Bought an offset OKJ and now I'm hooked. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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