make'n a 6 lb slab of bacon

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Hey Richard, No, they don't carry pork bellies .. The wife found a place in NH.

My wifes sister found them, I have no idea where but I'll ask when she gets home. .. Hey.. If you know where there is a "Super 88" store or an asian market you can get one there but you'll have to ask the butcher.

Almost time to smoke the bacon .. here is a pic of it all cured with some rub on it .. It finished curing yesterday .. I washed it off, patted it dry and put some rub on it lastnight .. ready to go into the smoker ..

Looks good Joe..

I found a couple of places in town here where I can get pork bellies.. You'll have to refresh my memory as to your process of doing them..Thanks

Hi Richard, No problem.. wash the pork bellies... make a mixture of 60% salt and 40% sugar <white or brown> rub the mixture into the belly as I did above.. Place the belly into a clean leak proof plastic bag and store in your fridge .. 1lb per day for curing. so 5lbs = 5 days of curing. remove from bag at the end of curing. rinse off and pat dry .. let air dry for an hour or so until it gets a dry glossy look.. I made a rub of paprika, garlic granuals, onion powder, salt and pepper. rub the belly and smoke it with your wood of choice .. oak, hickory, apple or cherry.. apple and cherry are light in flavor and oak and hickory have a moce robust flavor.. smoke the bacon for as long as you like until you get the flavor you like .. for me it's 4 to 5 hours between 90 and 100 deg. After it's smoked you can remove the skin <I removed the skin before curing> reason being when I rub it I want the flavor to go into the meat and when smoking it as well.. either way works .. If you want a maple flavored bacon you can use maple sugar in the cure instead of the white or brown sugar.. Hope this helps you ..

Thanks Joe...much it all printed to go get a piece...(pork bellie)...LOL..

Thanks again

Rodger, Looks great .. I am also smoking some sea slat and white peppercorns .. It's chilly here today .. 65 deg and windy .. Do I dare ask what the temp is down there?

Richard, That would be the first step.. <getting the pork belly> my wife and daughter freaked out when they seen the nipples still on the belly.. <wimmin> Good luck and if ya get stuck.. just yell

Oh Man! The wife would love to move to La. actually she said this morning just say the word. I think the humidity would kill me .. The weather sounds great.. I'm gonna leave the nipple thingy alone for now .. I'm behaving .. lol

Superb! I am gonna seek out some pork bellies and get some of that stuff going for myself. Of, course, next year it will be in my back yard! Congrats on a fine job, Joe!`

The bacon came out great.. I would suggest a meat slicer though .. I put an order in yesterday for beef ribs ... The butcher said "That those ribs I got last time were from the rib eye steak, He told me they cut the ribs from there to make boneless rib eyes steaks. I'll post a pic later when I pick them up.. and thanks for the compliments on the bacon .. You guys are the best.

Your Brother in Smoking,
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