major dilemma

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 3, 2007
Ok.........I want to show off my smokin w/ friends and co-workers but my dilemma is I do not want to share!!! I guess they will never know!
Well, I guess it's your choice what ya' do with that, but half of the fun for me is feeding people and watching their reactions, listening to the comments, and knowing they want more!

Share. You'll get more fun out of that than you can imagine...
i always take a bag of meat to work with me and hand out little tastes to all the guys on the job and they always howl to bring in more...i tell them to bring me a peice of meat on friday and i'll throw it in with mine but so far nobody has, i guess they think it will get eaten up....
Gee Linescum I work with a cheap bunch of engineers (and we all know how cheap they are
) and they line up to give me money for more sliced briskets, pulled pork or pastrami!
Absolutely learn to share. I enjoy cooking for others even more than myself. Call me the neglected child who can't get enough of "wow the best I ever Had" or " outrageously good" from my customers. This last weekend we had a small carnival out front of our soon to open restaurant. In addition to pulled pork, chicken, cornbread with honey butter, southwestern beans and salt potatoes, we smoked a big old batch of the seasons first homegrown corn on the cob.

Kids are definitely the most genuine in their assessments, and I was just amazed at how the kids would hunt down every last kernel on their ears of corn. One kid in particular with butter smeared all over his face proclaimed my corn to be "super" corn with the same enthusiasm a kid uses in describing his "super" hero. lol.........ya gotta love it.
I give it away like a pusher man......just a taste.

Then when they want more I tell them to buy a cut or give me funds and I'll smoke what they want.....but I will take a very small cut for my time.

I'm never at a loss for extras....and the serious "Q" lovers are more than willing to chip in.

Share the "Q" .....
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