Made my first mozz cheese

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Jun 7, 2006
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Super easy...Deb don't get mad at me, I bought one of the kits with the rennet, citric acid, cheese salt, cheese cloth and thermometer...It was super easy. I didn't see the recipe posted in any of the other threads on the step by step process everyone else tried so I just went with the directions in the kit. 1/4 tab of rennet in 1/2 c water set aside. 1 cup water w/ 1 1/2 tsp of citric acid, stir til desolved, add gallon of whole milk. Stir and bring to 88 degrees over medium heat then take off heat. Add renet mixture, stir for 30 seconds then let sit for 5 - 8 minutes. "Slice" curd into 1 in squares with knife then slowly stir curds. Dump whey, add curds to microwave bowl. Heat for 1 minute, start forming ball, dump any whey. As it cools heat 35 seconds continue mixing/stretching. I had to heat one more time at 35 seconds and the ball became stretchy, shiny and what I thought was done. I let it cool and fridged it. I think it was awesome! Oh I also added 1 tsp cheese salt after the first minute in the microwave and when I started "streching". Could've used maybe a little more salt, but I got scared when I read smoked's notes...I will definitely do again! Can't wait for summer tomaters and I can make a truly from scratch lasagna! Next one (mozz)I will try some smoke on...
Gee Shell -
I wouldn't get mad at you! Kits are okay but just to darned expensive! Go to my website and check the recipes in the cheese section. I just hate for people to spend more money than they have to! The recipe and step by step directions are also in the Making Cheese At Home forum I run but you didn't sign in yet.

You can probably buy the Junket rennet at the grocery store in the pudding section for about $2 and the citric acid (which is also good for sausage) for about $2 but that might be harder to find. MAke sure you rinse the cheese after it sits in the brine or it will be very salty! I assumed that would be understood as it is a brine and we used them all the ime in smoking but silly me
I should know about assuming things.

Don't smoe it for more than about 30 minutes or it'll get icky!

Glad to hear you tried it though it's way better than store bought cheese!


I also have a set of drawings for making a cheese press that will save you close to $50 so don't buy a cheese press!
I haven't made any cheese yet. I wanted to get a big all clad stainless pot before I do it. Them pots are EXPENSIVE!!!!!
I acquired a 24 qt pot this weekend, so I'll make some myself soon. As I said in another post, I don't care for mozzarella, but I'm going to try it (per Debi's insistence
). Maybe it'll be better homemade. I just prefer really stinky old cheese.
Tom -

It really does taste better than the stuff in the store and it's great with some diced jalapinos pulled in the end or some crumbled bacon. Also gives you a chance to learn the texture of a clean break - betcha Ariel will eat it!

Do you have any Good Will stores down by you? I got a smaller 12 quart SS pot there for about $20 had a few dings but what the hey ...

I do agree that cheese is always better when it smells like old gym socks...
I made some w/ a kit as well. Gotta check out your (Deejaydebbie)instructions now. We rolled some cappicolla into it... awsome! It is far better than store bought!
OOOhhh, never thought of stretching things into it! My hubby would love HOT pepper mozz. Make a sort of lasagna with some spicy sausage, hot pepper mozz, more hot pepps and a salsa instead of a tomato sauce. He would love that. You could probably put some smoked sausage in when stretching the cheese and that would give it some smoked flavoring...
The possibilities are endless! Do you make mozzarella with whole milk or buttermilk? Buttermilk seems like it would make a great cheese although I don't like it on its own...
I just used whole mile, but I was wondering about trying a higher fat milk like cream or half/half. I thought about buttermilk also, but I don't like the flavor of it...(except for fried chicken!)
I just spoke with a guy today that is building up his water buffalo farm in order to make cheese. He claims that the buffalo milk has a higher fat content and thus makes a better moz cheese. The cheese he makes has a shelf like of 2-7 days which seems like a bit of a problem for distribution.
Cheech -

In Italty they make mozzarella with buffalo milk. Most people just don't have them in there neighborhoods!

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