made another smoker last night at work

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
i made another smoker last night at work. i took two 55-gallon drums, and put them open end to open end, using a lid collar to hold them together. i used the plasma cutter and cut two access doors, and a smaller door at the bottom for charcoal/wood. our mechanic made up a food rack and welded some angle iron, just under the top door, inside for a rack to rest on. he also made a small rack for charcoal/wood to lay in the bottom. i found a 3" 90*° elbow that we used for the smokestack, welding it in the side at the top. he made some latches to hold the doors shut, and welded up some hinges on the doors we found laying around in the plant. one of the other guys plans on learning how to smoke meat, and it was for him. the bad thing is, he doesn't have a computer, now does he know anything about the internet. (he is 67 years old, and never had to do anything on a computer before.)
i also got some insulation i am going to wrap my smoker in, in an effort to trap the heat inside better. it is a thick white colored fireproof insulation, with foil on one side. i plan on wrapping it today, and posting pics of it this evening. i didn't get a pic of the vertical smoker the mechanic and i built.
Nice of you to help build a smoker for that guy. Some folks think that 67 might be old, but I bet'cha he'll learn fast. With you around to help him out, he'll do ok. I was looking forward to seeing some pic's. Maybe you can get some at a later time.
Heck Dutch, 67 used to sound old
, it just sounds like a few more birthdays now
Chris -

That was sweet of you! You going to teach him how it's done to? Does he have a computer? Be interesting to watch the progress.

Cajun -

Funny how things change huh?
Chris thats a good deed you did there. I can just imagine how great he appericates what you have done. I tip my hat to you.
here are the pics of my smoker, after i put on the insulation. one pic is a close-up of the insulation. this is some good stuff i got. i put in the amount of charcoal i would use to keep it at 225°, and it went to 350°. i should use less charcoal and less wood now.


Almost scary looking. UFOs in the yard! Bet that things taller than me! But then that doesn't say much I'm a typical little Italian person
this stuff is like 4" thick. i have to do some more tape work on it, as the aluminum tape i used doesn't seem to stick to hot metal. it stuck to itself really good though. it is the tape they use on ducts. regular duct tape stuck to te drum no problem though. crazy. oh well, i am going to tape the hell out of it. right now it is just on the back and ends. it came off the door last night when we were smoking steaks. i will put it back on, and put some on the bottom too. i will wrap it so it will never even think about coming off.
Snug as a bug in a rug...You're neighbors have to be saying what the...I can hear them now...Honey, is he trying to keep his grill warm in this weather?? We should get a blankie for ours...
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