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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by falmund, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. 'nuff said....this is like an extra potent jalepeno. I picked up a couple of plants in torrington, WY last year and they went gangbusters. Probably got >200 peppers. Rather hot, they won me the flaming toilet seat at the local chili cookoff (Though this is Nebraska...people don't understand spice here). When pickled however, they retain their great flavor, but lose almost all their fire. My wife loves the pickled ones.
  2. rivet

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    Did you happen to save any seeds for future planting?
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    I grow these and Goliath and Grande japs.I use these for chipotles and stuffers.I have found the larger japs much hotter, although i have never tried supermarket japs.Reimer seeds carry these.I really like the production as well, and my japs are usually 3 feet tall when growing these monsters in full sun.
  4. I didn't save any seeds, but I'm not too worried about it. The soil out here is some impossibly productive that I just could not keep up with yield. I'm fully inspecting some volunteers. 2 plants were well over 200 peppers! My tomatoes have gone bonkers too. I grow romas for sauces and salsa, and a beefsteak for slicing for my wife. (I detest raw tomatoes) I've heard that you have to move yuour plant around cause they leach all the nutrients out of the soil, but ive been in the same spots for 5 years and still only need 2 plants to put up all my sauce!

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