Lump Coal (Cowboy Charcoal)

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Original poster
May 21, 2006
Strum, WI
Does anyone here make their own cowboy charcoal? If so is it worth the time and money to make a burner to make it?

This is an interesting topic, Mike. It will be interesting to see what kind of response it draws.

As a side note I had a cousin that made lump charcoal once-afterwards, he figured that all the wood he burned to make lump charcoal he could have burned in his smoker using it 'stick burner' style.
I would have thought that also UNTIL I found this site...

After reading it maked total sense.... I don't know if I would go to the extent of making a bunker like this guy did, but I live in the boonies and the closest house is about 2 miles away.... I might give it a try this summer, because we grill every night and it get a little expensive to keep buying coal...

Ok, for charcoal grilling I see where it would make since and if you have a wood source that is self sustaing then it makes it worthwhile. Thanks for sharing the link!
I went through a 25lbs bag last weened on the bbq. I threw on a li'l maple wood chips for added smoke. I like the Cowboy brand. There was another brand I can't rememnber the name but I liked it better, It had real tree looking charchoal not the hardwood flooring looking type of charcoal. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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