lump charcoal ???????????

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jun 6, 2007
new york
has anyone tried cowboy brand lump charcoal.....i find this is the only lump charcoal brand i can find in my neighborhood....i had a bad experiance using the cowboy briquettes in the past so i am a little concerned trying the lump charcoal
I agree with Meowy, it burns fast & very little ash ........ But I continue to use it. Seems to be in all the stores here also.
I've used Cowboy and Royal Oak. Cowboy burns quicker, but produces very little ash compared to briquettes. Royal Oak in my experience burns slower, and a little hotter, and makes just a touch more ash than the Cowboy. However they both cost about the same. I'm personally looking in to getting some of that wicked good charcoal others have talked about. Long, steady burn and almost no ash. Can't go wrong there ehhh?
I've used the Cowboy brand in a pinch, when I couldn't get my usual stuff. It works okay, but doesn't last long. Lowes has it here for $4.99/10# bag... that makes it a little more attractive...
I was at our local Gander Mountain and they have a store close out on 6.6 pound bags of new improved Western hardwood lump charcoal for $3.99. Just curious if that is a good price and also if it is, wanted to give everyone the heads up.
is there a place you can buy this lump charcoal online? Everystore I've been in around here has no idea what I'm talking about. The carry geniric charcoal and then kingsford charcoal but no lump. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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