Low Salt Salmon - Q-view!

Discussion in 'Fish' started by davenh, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. davenh

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    Testing out another low sodium recipe, this one for salmon. Also trying not to add extra oils. It was sweet, moist and flaky, very good salmon [​IMG]. Here's what I came up with.

    Marinade: 2/3C apple juice, 2/3C orange juice, 1/4C lemon juice, 1/4C brown sugar (Splenda Blend), 2-tspn chili powder, 1-tspn basil, 1-tspn onion powder, 1-tspn garlic powder.

    Placed fillets in the marinade face down for 45 min, turn fillets over and marinate for another 45 min (1.5 hrs total). Saved the remaining marinade for mopping and a finishing sauce (simmer at a low boil for a few min to kill any bacteria before using for the mop and sauce.).


    Rubbed the top of the fillet with brown sugar (Splenda Blend), seasoned with lemon pepper (salt free) and dried onion bits.

    Smoker at 215°. Used cherry and alder. Placed a drip pan underneath to catch juices (will reuse later with marinade for finishing sauce).


    After 1 hr, spooned some of the simmered leftover marinade over the fillets.


    After 2 hrs (internal temp of 150°), removed fillets and combined the smoky drippings with the remaining cooked marinade. Heated the combined drippings and marinade in the microwave and served on the side as a finishing sauce.

    Here they are done, someone had already grabbed a hunk before I could get the pic [​IMG].

  2. bassman

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    That looks great, Dave! I have never cared for salmon. Always seemd fishy tasting to me, but I'll bet I could try your way! Keith
  3. travcoman45

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    Excellent lookin fish dave, nice job! Gonna have to try that, gotta start behavin myself with the salts and sugars somemore.

  4. You got some good looking fish there Dave. I like your Q-view and bet there wasn't any leftovers.[​IMG]
  5. davenh

    davenh Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Thanks guys. It's all gone [​IMG], everyone really liked it. I wasn't much into salmon until I started smoking it. The sauce at the end has a nice citrus, sweet flavor. I also had made some cuts in the thicker parts before marinating.

    My friend, who lives across the street and said he didn't really care for salmon, agreed to try a piece. He called and wanted to know when we are having more [​IMG].

    Just got into brining fish and poultry then find out my blood pressure is through the roof [​IMG]. So far, have good low sodium ones for chicken and salmon. Sunday, I'm going to try my chicken injection on a couple of butterflied turkeys. I'll post some q-view [​IMG].
  6. morkdach

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    thanks dave been going to do salmon like you bp went ballistic now on low sodium high potassium stuff will try this one for shure

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