Low Fat Fatty

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Feb 4, 2007
Occidental, CA
At the urging of my wife I tried the JD low fat (1/2 the fat) Fatty this weekend and it turned out great. I couldn't taste any difference than the regular other than it was slightly drier. So for people watching their waistlines explode this may be an option.
Elkhorn, I've tried the low fat JD sausage too. I agree that it's drier. When you smoke them on a open rack, there's no real worry abot the extra fat. That's why I went back to smiking the regular JD sausage.
do you mean that the fat renders out of a regular fatty,when smoked on open rack

thats why you dont worry about it
1/2 the fat?! 1/2!!! Moderators MUST remove this post on fatties!!!

A real fattie should come w/ a ride to the hospital to get the "pump" cleaned out!

1/2 the fat...........that is unAmerican!!!

Live while you can, let the "butcher" clean you out when your done!

P.S. Good idea Elk. All the above is "talk", pay no attention. Speak'n of elk, that might be the next fattie!!! Love the wild taste of elk.

Another idea is to use low fat, and wrap in bacon. Makes ya feel better about it anyway.

Thanks for sharing Elk, next time I want pics!!!
guess we would have to call it a fatE instead.....

we also have to be careful not to get into the "less filling" "tastes great" debate, also would it be lite or light??
maybe a lowjack? or litefattie or........man I'm still struggling with the concept of a fattie with low fat.......it's like meat with no taste, or cheese with no taste or...well anything with no taste.....only thing I can think of that benefits is like....well a fart with no smell......
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