Love 2 Smoke but TRY this!!

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Nov 11, 2006
Hello all,

Haven't been on here very long but I have learned so much in that short time. Thank you all. I love to smoke meat, one of my favorite things to do, but being a coonass, I also love hog lard :) I make my own from cracklin's that I render for customers. Anyway, to make a long story short, my beautiful wife was getting a bit "tired" of the smoked meat, well it's close to Christmas and she says, hey, you know how you smoke those tenderloins, I'm like yes, what you want, she then says, deep fry it like you do the Turkeys for Christmas. Well I think for a bit, and I say ok. First thing I did was shoot the loins up, then coat the outside with Louisiana Hot Sauce, let it soak for about 4 hours, then get the hog lard grease ready. I then butterfly the loin and throw it in, 7 MINUTES tops guys. We then tried it. OMG, it was unfrikkin believable. I know this has nothing to do with smoking but I just wanted to let you guys in on a great discovery of ours. May be and old one for some but new to me. Great smoking all and have a happy new year.

Not really. If you have ever fried anything in pure hog lard you wouldn't believe how little grease is left in the food. I was amazed the first time I fried fish in the lard. I didn't have enough vegetable oil on hand and didn't feel like running to the store so I figured what the heck. I will give the lard a shot. I was expecting a greasy lard tasting fish. What I got was the best fish I had ever fried and hardly any grease at all was left on the absorbent paper I usually use to catch the excess grease. Another thing I notice about the lard is when you finish with your frying; the level in the pot stays almost the same. I notice with other oils that once I am finished the level of the grease drops considerably.

I used to deep fry strictly in lard. Now when I butcher a hog, I give it the Amish in the neighborhood and they make lye soap with it and give me a couple of bars. I cook in peanut oil. It's better for you, has a higher flash point, and keeps longer. Since I stopped using lard my cholesterol has gone down drastically.
Please pass the Lipitor...getting a high reading just readin this
Sounds good but I for one will need to's a doctoring thing you know

Welcome to SMF Liquiddirt and have a happy and healthy new year!!
ya know the way i look at it is this. its ok do things like that every once and a while, your body will expell it quicker. its just when you do it all the time it can not. i too have cut salt and fried foods from my diet for the most part. but i still eat them, just not as often.

i remember asking questions about the salt content in brining a turkey and how much damage it will casue. Dutch replied that he had talked to his doctor and it is ok every so often (and i believe he has high blood pressure). i checked with my doctor and he agreed. just not every day or week. space it out evey 3-4 weeks or more and you will be fine.

i would not drink the left over grease or nothing but, chicken wings are good, fried cheese is good, okra is good.
Gotta agree with you there Buzz! I order okra anytime I get a chance-fried, steamed or stewed. When I eat out with friends and I order it, they pull funny faces and ask how the heck a Utah boy acquired a taste for okra!!! My line of the family migrated west from Alabama in the mid 1800's with some of the Mormon Pioneers. So the blood of the South runs deep in my veins!

Sometimes when I get so butt draging tired (which has been happening a lot recently) I'll start talking with a drawl and I'm asked from where in the South did I come from!! :shock: :D So it's gotta be that Southern blood- :mrgreen:
Now we are talking. Fried Okra, Mmmm, Mmmm good. I agree with the last two post. I would never try and eat the fried Tenderloin often. It is just something the wife and I tried and will only cook once in a blue moon. The only message I was trying to send is that the dish is really, really good. I know most people must think, ahh liquiddirt, Louisiana and eating fried pork, he must be a pig. Well, I am 5'8 and weigh 185 with a damn good athletic build. A year ago I was weighing 285 and eating the "Good" food just to much of it. I will tell you now, most people say its not what you eat but how much you eat, BULLCRAP, I am living proof that says if you can controll your meals to 300 to 400 per meal you will either maintain or lose weight, and hey, if you love DR. ATKINS, then you will love fried foods. Another note, I need to go check my fried oysters I just finished shucking :) Have a great day my good people and GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!

P.S. Going get the Weber Smokey Mountin Grill in the Morning and will let all of you know how the first smoke goes after Sunday :)

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