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Discussion in 'Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables' started by goosekilla, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. goosekilla

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    How have you guy's seen or smoked tomatoes? My wife seems to think some basil, garlic, oregano, evoo blend with some mozerella (sp?) cheese smoked till warm and cheese softened would be good. I think it sounds good myself. Just looking for any other suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. trapper

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    I grill green tomatoes over indirect heat in the Weber a lot in the summer, so I would think smoking would work too. I slice them about 1/2" thick, oil them, then salt and pepper. I have also oiled and put blackened seasoning on them.
  3. geek with fire

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    These are simple but very good. I take a nice ripe tomato and cut it in half. Scoop just a little dip out of the both flat sides and add banana peppers, minced garlic, EVOO, and Mozzerella cheese. Smoke at 225 at the end of your primary smoke. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-45 minutes. Basically when the tomatos are "squishy".

    Tastes like a great smokey pizza.
  4. jerkyaddict

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    Geek again with the magic......i do smoke some pickled green mater's
    mix hickory and mesquite alter according to catch fired...for almost 45 min's the mater's are pickled so almost soft before smoked just let them catch some smokeyness , then i add fresh mozz. set back in for maybe 20 min's cheese get's a lil browney color...remove shake a bit of balsalmic vinegar over and top with fresh cut basil...and the ooh's and aaagh's make you wanna start another batch...........tasty seal's the deal
  5. I remove the top, hollow out the bottom portion, and stuff with a mixture of browned ground beef, cooked wild rice, plenty of fresh garlic, and shredded colby jack. Cover with a few fresh basil leaves from the garden, and pop em in the smoker.

    I usually put them in a tin pan while they are cooking. just makes them easier to transport.

    I could eat them all day long...and somewhat good for you too...[​IMG]
  6. goosekilla

    goosekilla Newbie

    Thanks for the info. I will try all of these as soon as I finish my cooker.

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