Looking for Hickory wood

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Mar 22, 2010
Fontana ca
I have a wood supplier that’s pretty good for different types of oak or almond wood splits in large quantities but they only sell hickory in 1.5 cf bags. Does anyone know of any suppliers in CA selling hickory splits in 1/2 chord or chord quantities?
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Thanks, the woodshed is actually where I normally get my splits from. I appreciate the reply.
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No experience with the company, but thinking about ordering some wood myself:
They have nearly about any wood you might want.
Forgot to point out, it is kiln dried. I know some say that's bad for smoking. I'm looking for something to provide clean heat, not necessarily smoke character, so figure it should work for me.
I know this is smoking blasphemy but, when I want to use hickory, kiln dried is all I can get here in the Ninth Circle of Hell, so, I put it in a bucket and fill the bucket up with water and forget about it for a few days, then dump the water out the day before a smoke and it works better...

Better than nothing.
Yeah, I’ve been noticing that when you buy online, it might be seasoned in the sun but the usda still requires some time in the heat. That soaking in water might be a option to help that out.
I'm not sure what type of woods they have but they are local. I have driven by and they have large stacks of wood. On the Old Road under the Newhall pass south of Santa Clarita, CA.

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