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Original poster
Jun 27, 2007
Chino California
My name is David and i live in Souther California and i have not been smoking for very long. I just started last year when i bought my smoker. I bought a Char Broil vertical smoker from Home Depot. I really like the smoker i have but i was hoping that some one could help me. Some times the meat on the bottom rack gets over cooked. I saw a forum that was people with the same smoker and there were plans on how to build a baffle for the fire box. i cant seem to find it again and now i am ready to biuld the baffle, if some one could help me out I would be greatfull.

First order of business...welcome to the forum! You can ad baffles, do a search and I think you'll see some results. I would rell you hown but I don't have any experience with verticle smokers.
Just what FlaGriller stated......A BIG HOWDY to SMF! First order of business is for you to properly introduce yourself to everyone here. You will find the most friendly dudes and dudettes here with great tips, ideas, and recipes. Dont be shy.....ask away and someone (or a whole bunch) will answer!

In addition, sign up for the free 5 day e-course and news letter. . Will help out tremendously! Again, welcome aboard and hope to "hear" from ya.

Now for your question....I'm personally not familiar with that smoker, but if you do a search for smoker modifications, you may find something. But again, people with the knowledge of your smoker will answer your ?
Welcome to SMF!!!

I would want to know how you are monitoring your smokers temperature.

The use of multiple thermometers both in the smoker and in the meat are highly suggested and worth their weight in gold.
Welcome aboard SMF, David....seems to me that moving your meats around inside the smoker, so that the same piece doesn't spend all it's cooking time on the bottom, would be the simplest way of avoiding this problem ...my .02 worth
i am using a thermometer on the out side of my cooker and then i have small meat thermometers that i put in the larg peices of meat and leave them there the hole time i am cooking.
Recommend you get a thermometer with a probe. The Maverick ET-73 seems to be the most favorite by SMF members. Runs around $45. It monitors the meat and cooking temp. For small smokes, I have a cheapo probe thermometer. Works great for what I use it for. Acu>rite for about $18.

But, what works for you...keep using. Good luck, lets hear from you, and may the smoke gods be with you!
thank you for your sugestion on the serch for modifications. I got the site i was looking for on the first try. Thhe site is The BBQ institute and it was in smoker mods. the smoker is the Braunfels Bandera. you can see a picture off it. well i just wanted to say thank you very much it you were a big help and i dont think that i would have found it with out the sugjestion. thanks again.
I have the same pit and I love it. I agree though get the Maverick ET 73. You won't regret it. I'll PM you with the other site you mentioned. They have a list of mods for the NB Smoker and the Brinkmann that is the mirror image of it.
welcome to the forum David. I'm sure someone here has the answer you need. Looking forward to seeing all the great pix of "Q" you make. Ya we like to see pix.

Welcome aboard, you'll find plenty of friendly folks with great suggestions.

I agrre with Crewdog52, I use a Polder to control cooking temperatures. Takes a lot out of guessing. Good luck man from Chino!
Welcome aboard David! I can't add anything else to what's already been said, but I strongly agree with the use of a dual probe thermometer, such as the Maverick ET-73. I love mine!
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