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Hi Neighbor

Here is a post you can chew on and consider!

Don't know the Illinois law though.....Remember they had to quit serving pickled peppers in the restaurant in the town JUST north of us as they were home canned and the "state" closed down serving them!
Do what I do, barter. Works great and if you do not like what they offer at first give them a taste of some smoked food to remind them how good it is and they will come around.
Don't know about your area, but around here it is illegal to sell to the public any meat or other food that is cooked in your home. There is an exception for church groups that do speghetti suppers and gumbo drives and the like.

If you cook for public consumption you have to have sterlization equipment such as a 3 compartment sink and water heater capable of 185*. Outside smokers have to be contained inside a screened area with rainproof roof.

If food is to be consumed on premise then the proper amount of restroom facilities, handicapped and otherwise, is determined by the number of customers that can be seated.

It is a lot of red tape and constant dealing with the health department.

There is a lot less beaurocracy involved if you just cook at events, like fairs and such stuff.

edit - I said sterlization equipment and really meant disinfecting equipment.
If you sell food from your home, "most states" will allow it provided that -

you have a second, separate kitchen to be use only for the products to be sold and it needs to be inspected, approved and licenced.
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