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Looking for a source to purchase wood (Athens, Georgia area)

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by srivera1965, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Anyone here know where I can find some wood for sale in or around the Athens, Ga area?
  2. bamaboy

    bamaboy Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Do you have an Academy sports near you.you can buy 50# bags of pecan,hickory and mesquite for about 10 dollars each.
  3. There sure is one nearby me! I had no idea they sold wood there - awesome! I'm new to the Athens area, and I've been to Academy a couple of times to buy sportswear, but it never occured to me that they sold wood. Sweet - thanks!

  4. Hey guys and gals,

       I found a good source for wood chips ...Amazon sells Weber chips in Pecan, Cherry, Apple, Mesquite, and Hickory a 3# bag for $3.99. If you order from them and your total order is at least $25 there is no charge for shipping. Also there is no sales tax. both together can add up to a nice saving. Additionally the bag weight is 3# whereas most others are only 2# and many cost more as well. I did shop around and this seems to be the best deal, at least the best one I could find for chips, plus they have the variety of woods available. I bought all 5 .

  5. dale5351

    dale5351 Smoking Fanatic

    Yesterday, I was in the local Lowes store and they had bags of wood chips at a not bad price.  They are a pretty big chain so you might find one in your area.

    Hardware stores here also stock wood chips, both Ace and Service Master.
  6. Well, I ended up going to my local Academy Sports store and sure enough, they have huge bags of mini logs - pecan, mesquite and hickory for $10. Great buy. I bought a bag of hickory to smoke a turkey this past Sat and it was awesome. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!
  7. pkerchef

    pkerchef Fire Starter

    Why buy it ? I have a local guy who trades me wood regularly all i do is smoke him 4-6 slabs of ribs that he purchases .Sweet deal half a truck load of seasoned split oak or hickory for about 5 hours of my time doing what i like to do ! Pkerchef  [​IMG]