Looking for a good mail order company

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This is an outfit I have dealt with in the past. When I lived in MA I would visit their shop and I am looking forward to doing mail order with them soon. Great bunch of folks, very knowledgeable

Beer and Wine Hobby Shop


Edit: Just went to the site and they are having a special on startup kits as well as pricing for fall brewing.

Edit II: If you need help or advice...Holler!

Their entire catalog is online and they are available for questions. Please visit the site. They are super folks.
Thanks Guys these all look like great sites.

I will spend some time between logging on to the forum and their sites when I have time.

I am getting really thirsty and need to make some more homebrew.
www.homebrewadventures.com has some real nice kits at good prices. www.morebeer.com has some great inventory. I've gotten a lot of stuff from them.
www.williamsbrewing.com also has some great inventory. My last few orders were from them.

I've also gotten stuff from most of the other places the others have linked.

See if you can find a local shop. Around me there are 2 that I can drive to. You might be surprised what you'll find in your local area. It always nice to help out the local businessmen.
i wouldn't use my advise.... last time i mixed beer and internet mail order.... i ended up with another wife... had to send her back... didnt cook and i couldn't understand a word she said....
I'm looking to convert an old fridge or chest freezer to a kegerator & after looking a quite a few different kits I'm confused now. I've seen prices from $100 to $275. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What is the $100 to $275 for, the fridge or chest freezer, or the conversion stuff?

I did all mine seperate. Faucets & Shanks were about $30-40 each. Hose isn't to expensive (I use red for CO2 and blue for beer). I have a 4 way splitter for 4 kegs, that was about $30 IIRC. ball lock fittings are about $5 ea and you need 2/keg (one in/one out), I have a refrigerator thermostat to keep the chest freezer temp around 40º that was around $50 (though I don't think this would be included in a kit). The biggest expenses are going to be corney kegs and the CO2 tank. I was able to get myself a 20lb CO2 tank for free. I just exchange it at a local fire extenguisher place for like $15. Though a 20lb tank can last me a few years. You might be able to rent them as an exchange at a fire extenguisher place. I forget how much my regluator was. Corney kegs can range from $20-80 depending on where you get them. New ones are very expensive. Used ones are usually perfectly fine.

The big difference in kit prices are probably going to be the size of the CO2 tank (5lb, 10lb, 20lb) and if it includes a corney keg.
the prices i listed were just for the "conversion kit". After I looked at it more it was the tank that was a major factor in the cost differences. Any idea now many kegs a 5 lb bottle should last for?
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