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I have no clue. In theory it sound like it would work, but in reality, who know. IMO, I wouldn't spend $150 on it as to me it sounds like one of those infomercial gadgets.
I'm wondering- If I put a dry rub on some meat and then place that meat in my FoodSaver Marinating bowl and vac seal it if it would do the same thing as this contraption?
You know, it might. It's at least worth a try. I bought some Hormel brand pork that was vac. sealed with marinade and it was very good.
Hey FlaGriller, have your car pick up one for ya
Then try it out and let us know
I used to work at a butcher shop that had one of these. It worked really well. You could marinade a lot of meat without using a lot of marinade because of the way it tumbles the meat in the marinade. If I remember correct it only took about 15 minutes to marinade things like boneless chicken breasts because of the vacuum, but that was a much larger commercial grade unit.
Absolutely it will Dutch. Wet marinades work better, but I do this quite a bit when I don't have time or room in the fridge to let it sit overnight. In fact I just did this on a 8lb butt I did on Sunday. I took it out of the freezer on Saturday, it finally was thawed Sunday morning, so I put it in the food saver with worshisire and rub mix, let it 'marinade' for about 30 mins while I got the GOSM up to temp, and put it. Came out great and lots of flavor.
God but I've seen this thing at Pro Bass here in Houston before. I love kitchen gadgets and have to mention that I have a device at home called the "Ultra Chef" made in the late 60s that not only rotates the meat in a sealed Pyrex container but cooks it at the same time with a heating element on one side. It was way ahead of it's time, expensive, a bitch to clean, and doesn't work all that well anyway, so they didn't sell many of them. But it is a fantastic kitchen conversation piece. True Frankenstein I'll have to get a photo of it for y'all.
Bet if you add a cheep rock tumbler (got mine at Harbor Freight for around $30) you'd have pretty much what they sell for $150. :)
Dutch I agree the food saver works well. I did a small butt in a FS container and it came out really well. Used yellow mustard and my rub. I let it sit for about an hour. I didn't shake it or anything because it was solidly covered to begin with. The vacum does open the meat a little more but when air is introduced it closes back some and stays as moist as usual.
I think the Meatman sell them, but I'm with Dutch - seal em i a bag for a few pennies. If you want to open the pores some just fork it before you seal. $150 is alot a Foodsaver bags + the Food Saver!

Jim -

That gizmo reminds me of the hotdog electrocutor they used to sell.
I use my Vac sealer and it works great. The Vac sealer doesn't rotate like the one shown, However. I use my sealer for beef, chicken, etc.

I also use it to get the apple juice entirely into the smoke chips I use. You can see the bubbles coming out of the chips. Almost looks like alka-seltzer, just doesn't dissolve. When the chips are saturated, most of them sink to the bottom of the container.

This device should work well, Price???

NO, I was in Alaska for some time as an engineering rep for the navy, out in the Alutians, Eagles replaced sea gulls out there, more eagles than seagulls all over the islands. I have slides of over 15 eagles sitting on a snowbank waiting for the grease from the ADAK Chiefs club to be poured out on the snow, The eagles eat it up like they were all starved.

Lots of photo's, all in slide form, haven't converted them to digital yet.

Walking Dude;76225 said:
wish i could find that hotdog executor.......loved that device, had one early 80's......but in the years it was lost......sure wish i could find another........ ")

Had on too! Loved the thing
those gadgets clame to speed things up by the meat rotating and opening the cells but thats alot of money when a food saver Marinating container works just fine. i use this one:

then shake it now and then or like deb said use a fork on it.
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