look at the size of this one

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Now that there's a whole lotta piggy!
What a take for anyone, let alone a 6th grader with a .50 cal revolver. Hats off to him. Just think of the ribs on that beast... takes me back to the Flintstone's - picturing Brontosaurus ribs

Thanks for sharing that.
Thanks for sharing that one! That piggy outweighs most of the moose in my back yard! And Kudos to the young'un!

"This little piggie went to market? will never be the same. That little piggie would scare the he** out of me, But I bet the smoker's will be going for a long time in Alabama. And the guy was only 11 years old, with a 50 cal. DANG!!!
Maybe it's my life experiences, but the pictures don't seem right to me. The posing of the pictures with people uses a commonly used trick to fool people into thinking things are different sizes than they are in reality. I think it's called depth of field manipulation. I remember vaguely the photo assignments I had in junior high school.

Not that I'm saying these people are trying to trick anyone.
I know it sounds good cooking those ribs but you could not eat the meat.It would be so tough you couldnt cut it with a chainsaw.On the web page they said they were having it ground to make sausage which is the only thing you could do with it.What a fattie you could make with that,would be a worlds record fattie.
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