Long Time Lurker Saying Hello

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rt's smokin tex

Original poster
Jan 24, 2007
DC by way of MT
Hey folks, been lurking and learning for a while. Figured I'd finally post up.

Have a Smokin' Tex electric that was delivered over x'mas after being promised it's arrival for a few years (never trust a woman saying she was getting you something for your b-day). I use a digital remote therm from Target that I route through the vent hole after the brisket experience. Opening the door sets you back too long in my opinion so now I can just glance out the window and see what is going on.

So far it has been seasoned and I've done one 8lb trimmed brisket and a 14.5 lb pork shoulder both over hickory.

The brisket was taken off about an hour early, but still extremely tasty. It fed 5 of us with left overs that I turned into a smokehouse style brisket chili.

I think I nailed it w/ the shoulder as it was a crowd favorite among some bbq lovers (from arkansas and louisiana fwiw). One even lied and said it was close to what you can get at Whole Hog. Regardless they were all amazed an electric could produce to this level.

The shoulder was in for 20 hours at 225 to a final temp of 200 on the dot. Wrapped for 2 hrs and pulled.

Used the rub recipe and finishing sauce recommended in the pork forums. I kept it "safe" by putting it in the oven at 170 for the duration of the football grazing period. Anyway, thanks for the input so far. I'll be looking in the direction of fish and other cuts of pork and beef to keep me entertained and my guests well fed.
Welcome to SMF RT's Smokin Tex!!! Glad you decided to come in out of the cold and join us. It sounds like you are finding success with your electric smoker. Jump right in, post often, and enjoy your stay.
14.5 pounds. I was surprised, but the taylor doesn't lie (or does it). I was at about 225... but cranked it down to just around 200 when I went to bed so I didn't have to deal with pulling the shoulder out in the middle of the night or early morning. Went in around 4:30pm, came out at 12:45 the next day, pulled around 2:30.

Plateau'd at 158 and mid 170s for quite a while.

Rub was the general brown/white sugar/chili/cayenne/salt/pap whatever is in the pork forum.

Used white house apple cider, brown, salt, cajun, crushed red and black pepper in the finishing sauce.
Welcome to SMF, RT-glad to have you join us.
Hello RT's Smokin Tex -

Glad t see you stopped lurkin and decided to join us. Briskets and Shoulders make some great smoke! I can't get enough pulled pork myself!

Sounds like your gonna be having lots of company with that smoker! Have Fun!
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