London Broil?

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Original poster
Aug 2, 2007
I am a newbie here and will be doing my first smoke today. I am doing some ribs and am pretty sure of what I am doing there, so far!! My question is I have a good sized London Broil in the fridge also. I would like to throw that in. It is like 2.5 pounds maybe. What would be a good cooking length, ballpark. Figure the ribs will be in for 6 or so wonderin when to throw the London in. Thanks,
Probably about 3 hours or so assuming your cooking ribs at a normal temp. London broil is not a low and slow cook all day cut. It is one you want to cook to medium-rare to medium tops. I pull mine at about 130° or so usually then let rest on a cutting board at least 15 min.
That will give me an idea. If I gotta pull it before the ribs I will. But at least I have an idea. Thank you,
If nothing else, it will make a good snack before the main attraction. Just put em on at the same time and you'll have something to munch on by the time you are ready to foil the ribs.
Lol, I was kinda thinkin the same thing. A little something to snack on with a cold Blue.
I'm with Chad on this one. Low and slow is not for London Broil. I'd put it closest to the heat source and the ribs farthest away.

Good luck!
Thats what I was wonderin Gypsy, Hillary? Thats a cuss word where I come from!!
Terry P.S. not tryin to hurt anyones feelins, I just don't care for who and what she seems to be
The ribs were fantastic, the london eh not bad but better grilled. Already thinkin what to try next.
London broil and tri tip are usually better on the grill. Ultramag was right on the money at going to 130* and letting it rest. Sure to end up with medium rare and juicy too! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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