Logging into the chat room

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delaware smoker

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Feb 2, 2006
Hi,when I try to log into the chat room,it already lists me has being in the room.When I try to enter the room,I get a message that another user with same name is in the room.I can't get logged in.Can I get some help,please?
Deleware Smoker have you tried clearing your cookies? What type of connection do you make to the internet and do you shut your computer all the way down? You may need to try shutting completely down to kill the connection. Make sure when you leave chat to hit the X in the far upper right corner to close the entire window.. not just the chat box. It should show a small box that is logging you out of chat. If that doesn't work try giving TulsaJeff a PM to get you reset. Once you've cleared your cookies you will need to log back into SMF. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
Na, i think there's a problem with the chat...........it's showing 10 people in chat and their not even logged on the forum, it also wont log me out...
Bubba, are you clicking on the red dot or the red X in the upper right corner? Clicking the red dot will log you out of the Chat session. Clicking the red X will just close the Chat window.
Thank's Dutch, that did the trick, i'm guessing everyone else must be doing the same thing, cause it's still showing a full room but nobodys there
Not sure if I have a different set up or not but when I hit the red dot it leaves the window open and brings up a log in box asking me to log into chat with username and password. I have to hit the red X in the upper right hand corner to automatically log out of chat. When I hit the window X it closes the window and quickly shows that I am being logged out of chat in a small box then it disappears.

That's how it works for me
I have been working on this problem and have come to the same conclusion that you guys already did;-)

I think you will need to logout properly in order for it to clear the cache.

The best way to do that is to type in /logout and hit the enter key or the send button.

If anyone has a problem getting this to work just post in here and we will go from there.

I just tried it several times and it worked for me but you know how things go...
DS, when the chat room log-in screen pops up type in /logout and then hit the enter key.
Ok,when the chat screen appears,a message says another member in chat with my name.There is a box where I'm told to put in my user name & password.Do not see where I type in logout.I'm not the smarest when it comes to this,so please help.

Looks like you may have to clear your cache in your browser since it thinks you are still logged in.. here's how to do that for AOL and IE.


[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] From the 'My AOL' menu, on the AOL toolbar,

Click 'Preferences', Then Click 'WWW'

Look for the 'Temporary Internet Files'

Click 'Delete Files', then click 'OK'.;

That should clear your cache and give you a fresh start

Internet Explorer

[/font][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Up top in the pull-down menus (File, Edit, Tools etc.),
click Tools, then
'Internet Options'

This brings up a dialog with 6 tabs across the top (General, Security,
Content, .......)

Click 'General;, the look for 'Temporary Internet Files'

Click 'Delete Files', then (if it appears, check off 'Delete all offline
content';, then click 'OK'.

Click 'OK' again and this should clear all cached pages.

Info obtained from http://is.asu.edu/instruction/training/clearcache.html
[/font][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Hi dutch.
I tried last night to enter a chat room using the chat now in the tool bar and all I got was an error message and was told to inform the web master, which I did with the link.
I tried following the instructions that have been posted and still can't get past the login box with a red dot in the top right corner, I don't get a red x anywhere on my screen. I deleted all my cookies,I typed in /logout in the username box and hit enter still no go. I just keep gettting a box that says wrong username or password.
What browser are you using? Apparently Firefox is not totally compatible, so I wonder about others. I'm using Maxthon and I'm having no probs at all.

Just my 2 cents.
Hey there Squeezy.
Well I am using win xp..Internet explorer... if that's any help.
It's not a big deal if I can't get in.

I just saw all the people (26) in the chat room and I thought there might be something of real significance happening
I have win xp also and couldnt get flash player to down load, went to firefox and dont have a problem getting into chat.
I thought i was the only one NOT having that problem.....win xp, netscape, i can log on and off with no problem, i hope this get's fixed, i miss the chat's
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