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Smoke Blower
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Dec 24, 2006
Catawissa MO
Something changed, don't know if it's on the forum or my computer but I have to log in every visit I make here. My cookies are still on.

Anyone else having this trouble?
no problems here.. any new scan / cleaning programs? Might be clearing cache, cookies, passwords??? Just a suggestion. Firefox or IE 6 or 7? Make sure privacy level is at the medium level or 1st party cookies may be blocked. Has someone told the computer not to remember passwords? Manually clear your cookies and log back in, check any box that says "remember me" if there are any. Have you done any ad-ware / spyware scans? You should if you haven't. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
I have done some windows XP upgrades. That may have something to do with it.

What is weird is I'm remembered on all other sites that require logging in.

I'll do some more checking.

I'm having the same problem. I just assumed Tulsa Jeff had changed something for security purposes. It just started about a week ago. It's no problem but I did notice a change. Also, I havn't noticed it on any of the other forums etc. that I go to.
Just for information sake, I am still being remembered without any additional log in. It is not my home page but when I select it from my favorites list I am automatically recognized. I am using windows XP and IE 6.
I have been trying different things to eliminate this problem. But all attempts have failed.

I also get a new window when I log in - the new window is called "Prillian". It shows all the online users, both registered and visitors along with some other info. It's in "Main Modewide Mode".

I am using XP and IE7. I even have to log in again if I just close IE and reopen it during the same online session.

I'll keep trying.
MoHntr - are you following links from your e-mail and having to log in? Also if you type in www.smokingmeatforums.com are you still having to log in? Close all tabs and browsers, open a new browser, enter the address <www.smokingmeatforums.com>, log in. Close your browser, re-open a browser, come to the forum > Are you still logged in?? If so, follow an email link > Are you still logged in that way too?. If not post back.

Keep Smokin
I've had to log in every time since day 1....I use firefox as well as ie....but I have also chosen in settings not to be remembered... anywhere....that way I don't have to worry about any security issues...

PigCicles, I closed all tabs and browsers then opened a new browser and typed in the URL. Logged in, closed browser and opened a new one, and I still had to log in. I tried it again and used my "favorite" link to the forums and still had to log is as well.

I visit several other forums across the web and this is the only one I have to re-log in. I visited a forum that I hadn't been to in several months and it still remembered me without me having to log in.

Does anyone else get the "Prillian" window when they log in?
MoHntr - this seems strange that a only a few are having problems, but seems as though there may be some type of behind the scenes "board management" going on. Prillian is used for things like Instant Messaging or buddy lists. The Main Modewide Mode sounds like an Administrators tool.

In being redundant by saying things over and over repeatedly time and time again... Make sure you check your firewall, any scan software, and your internet security settings to make sure nothing is out of place or changed.

After doing this you might PM TulsaJeff to see if there is work going on or any reported bugs in the system.

Seems strange to have just suddenly started with out warning. It may have to do with one of the XP changes you made, or maybe not. There is a solution, it just has to be found. If you contact Jeff and are still having problems, let us know... I'll beat my head against the wall with ya to figure it out.

Keep Smokin
MoHntr, I just noticed at the bottom of every page there is a "MyCookies Manager". Click that link, click the delete forum cookies, log out and shut down the computer, restart, log back in, close your browser, open a new browser, come back to see if you are auto logged in.

there should be a line that shows the autologin ID when you click the link, if not, your computer doesn't know it's here. Give it a shot to see what happens.

I don't have alot of excess computer knowledge but I'll point this out anyway. Just below where you click to join chat there is a line to click on that says "Launch Prillian". Maybe you opened some kind of "sub program" the board runs as an option. I opened the prillian there once and didn't know what it was for and just closed it.

Have you tried a PM to TulsaJeff to see what the Prillian feature actually is? I would be interested in knowing more about this feature and if anyone actually uses it.
Ultramag, Prillian is used for instant messaging or buddy lists. With this one you can IM anyone who is logged in. I doubt that very many people ever use this feature, but it is an option available. Just not too many realize what it is for. Maybe this helps take a little dirt out of the mud.

Keep Smokin
i started using IE7 and had a lot of problems, as i have heard others complain about this also. i went back to 6 and i do not have a problem now.

when i did have this problem i shut down my computer and soaked a rag in gas, wiped every component of my computer down with it, to make sure everything was clean. then turned it back on. after the fire department left i went and got a new computer and have not had the problem since.
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