Lobster fest

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Feb 2, 2014
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They've become so cheap as of late.$5.99/lb for culls,$6.99/lb for chix,$7.99/lb for 1.25s and $8.99/lb for 1.5s and half those prices for wholesale.

These 4 came from my bud's boat for the price of two Budweisers at the local bar.


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Love me some lobster. I'm not diving offshore shipwrecks like I used to, but wrecks provide primo habitat for lobster, and NJ allows them to be taken by divers. I'd generally get them from sea bed into the pot in 4 hours or so--so fresh!

Of course, the claws aren't rubber banded yet when you're reaching into their hidey holes to grab them.

Looks amazing and crazy good prices. I'm going to need a glossary for the various kinds though.
This is one of the (few) things I miss about living in NE. We have a guy down here in FL that (rumor has it) is family of one of the big suppliers in Hyannis. He supplies all of the local places with their Maine lobsta.

I haven't seen any price drops down here yet 😥

I need my lobster fix every few months. I might have to pay more, but at least I got a place to get some fresh bugs and steamers.
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Man oh man I think I would be growing claws I would be consuming so many! Ie you had me at lobster!
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That looks great, nice to live close to the source.

I miss doing lobstaaah boils, since developing a shellfish allergy 15 years ago I am not even allowed to cook any shellfish anymore (steam can carry the proteins that triggers a reaction). So for now, I have to use mock crab or lobster to make rolls (we prefer the cold Maine type over the CT butter warm ones). Also make mock lobster cocktail and mock crab cakes. Could be worse.....I could have developed an allergy to beef or alcohol...lol
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