Little white lie won't hurt...right?

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mind sharing the recipe for this?
Cliff this is more of a doctored up store bought , but it's good . I do it all by taste .
I start with scalding the bourbon . Let's say 1/2 cup . Add that off the flame if you have a gas cooktop .

Then in order ,
Brown sugar
red wine vinegar
yellow mustard
BBQ sauce , I use SBR's .
Sometimes I add peach or apricot preserves .
Hmmmm…..could almost be blackmail material 😉😂. Sounds like a great meal to me. Do you think he’d flip out too much if you told him about the glaze ingredients? Especially knowing that most, if not all, of the alcohol was cooked off leaving the flavor.

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Got out a package of meat store labeled Pork Ribs, Full Slab. Got them thawed and started to prep for the smoker and who! Those were the biggest pork rib bones I have ever seen. Must have had a new city slicker working the meat section that day and didn't know the difference between pork and rib bones. They went on the smoker anyway, just bumped the temp up a little and figured another hour cooking time. Turned out good but not what we were expecting.
Please don't take this as preachy as it's not what I'm trying to do
Not at all, You're trying to look out for me and others.
I have known him for 40 years and know he doesn't have any food allergies. Hindsite I guess I should have said something but when he asked I heard that 16 year old me say don't say anything about the bourbon. He would have eaten it anyway if I had. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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