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Discussion in 'Pork' started by scottyaz, Feb 21, 2009.

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    The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy, but I figured I needed to post up how the superbowl went.

    Bought a shink wrap pork shoulder that was accually two butts and started smoking them at 0630 the day before.

    All day long they smoked and into the night, at 160 they hit the stall, but I knew that would happen so I waited. 165 into the foil. At 12:30 that night, the temp was 188. Wife was telling me I'm not staying up all night, so I pulled them and let them rest for an hour. Set an alarm for and hour (per the boss' instructions).

    0130 got up and unwraped them and my heart sank to the floor. The outside was dark black. i thought for sure I ruined them. As I picked one up to get it into a supersized baggie to put in the fridge, the meat started shifting and I realized the bark was the only thing that was keeping the meat from falling apart was the bark.

    Superbowl morning I got up and the meat came apart as smooth as a hot knife through butter and it tasted good. I didn't care for the taste of the bark, I'll try a differrent rub next time.

    Mid Morning I rolled up a fatty using itialian sausage, with pepperoni and motz cheese inside and got it smoking. When it was done I smoked up eggs wrapped in Jimmy Deans sausage. Took some to work with me the next day and got tons of compliments.

    Looong weekend, lots of smoking but it was good...

    Oh yeah, here are some pics...

    The butts rubbed up and ready to smoke

    partway through the smoke:

    Tore open after I thought I had ruined them:

    hmmm, hope folks are hungry

    The fatty:

    The eggs:
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    wow thanks them eggs looked great made me want to get busy and throw some togather for the race tommorrow.[​IMG]

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