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Listen to this post- more "Sammies"


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I'll post as soon as I have time. One is a wrap and one is a "supreme" sammich that wife & I made.

They ARE pretty good.

Get it done as soon as I can.

-Taste of your own "stuff" Mr. Dutch, Sir.....(gotta be nice or the moderator may take it off since I complained last time "someone" did this :) )


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OK, I can't hold out like Dutch can. Told wife about what you did to us, she laughed and asked if I had mentioned her sammies. I told her I'd post it right away.

I give full credit to my wife, if you don't like them, and full credit to me if you do. :) No, these are mainly my wife's ideas. We like them, harvest/help likes them also.

I'm not as detailed as Dutch. But this will give you an idea of what goes good together.

#1 - Usually leftover steak cut into thin strips(1/8") and "sauted" w/butter, onions, mushrooms, soysauce, and worchestersauce. Use plenty of butter and we also use some olive oil(not expensive evoo, we are somewhat tight)

After it is heated, onions about right, mushrooms not too done, we then put this on a tortillia(soft), cover w/swiss or provolone or mozz cheese, wrap up TIGHT and put in oven for a while to heat up totilla and brown a bit.

They are good and simple. Easy to eat while driving(5mph), and everyone we serve to askes for them again. This is just the basics, and I know you guys can add alot of "goodies" to it.

#2 Not really our own. We like Pizza Hut Supreme Sandwiches with Italian dressing. So we made our own. All I can say is go to Pizza hut, order this w/pepperonies and extra Italian dressing and check it out. Very easy to make and is on our list to try w/tri-tip sliced mega thin.(same w/wrap) this is the other favorite at harvest. Usually our close are dirty by supper time and it doesn't matter if dressing drips on our shirts. Kinda messy.

Just some of our inexperienced treasures in life. Some of you are wonder'n what the big deal is, we are simple people w/simple treasures. Hope it adds an idea to someone who can "perfect" it.

gotta go


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Sounds mighty tasy Big Al, can never go wrong with sliced steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions with cheese....mmmmmmmmmm..thanks!


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and i was just thinking whats for dinner...i'm going to try that steak one tonight it sounds GREAT!!!


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BigAl -

Sometimes simple is the best! Sounds really good! Thanks you wife for me!


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29 minutes, boy you sure know how to hold out on us, don't ya!!
Just goes to show you BigAl, that you're not as twisted
as I am!!

Tell the wife the sammies sound great. Anything to do with steak, onions, mushrooms and swiss or provolone cheese makes me happy!! Just add some sauted sliced green bell peppers to that and have a "left-overs" version of Philly cheesesteak sammiches.

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