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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ryf, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm kinda new to smoke, but the long slow cook is an old friend. I am going to try and use a modified brinkmann square vertical, I tried to use my Brinkmann "pro series 6330" propane grill with a smoker box(p.s. I don't know that I'd call it "pro", but its big enough for us), but without a vent or chimney to get it to flow properly, it was pretty much impossible to sort out sometimes. I like propane, I know its not traditional, but thats what I'm willing to deal with, and easier for me = better bbq with less learning curve.

    I looked at the Great Smokey at the big box store for $99, but I wanted something to tinker with. and for $60 bucks I already have a burner and can get a thermostat valve for around $25, it seemed like the way to go. I'll post a new thread in the propane section so it doesn't get away from the topic of me being new. I've been haunting a few forums without signing up, to get a feel for the atmosphere, and since i took the plunge I thought I'd go "whole hog" and sign up where I thought I could get info and help as needed. looking forward to learning and sharing as I am able! this is my smoker when I finished putting it together this morning, mods close to complete!

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    Welcome to the forum, ryf.
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    welcome to SMF best darned smokin forum on the whole web, enjoy
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    welcome aboard brother there is alot of great info here [​IMG]
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    Welcome RYF.

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